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Level of Gaseous Pollutants, Particulate Matters and Lead: The Case of Roof Top of Dhaka Buildings

The aim of the study was to find out the level of pollutants at the roof of a seven-storied building and the values were compared with ground level pollutants. The gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2 and O3), particulate matter (2.5 and 10 micron) and lead in SPM were determined by UV-visible, AAS spectrophotometer and gravimetric methods respectively. For all the criteria pollutants, the concentration of pollutant was lower than ground level at Kallyanpur, Dhaka and also lowers than Bangladesh acceptable...

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A New Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (NFMEA) Approach for Supplier Selection in Risk Environment

Supplier selection is a multi-criteria problem which involves both qualitative and quantitative factors. It is a complex, multi-person and group decision making process that can be improved by systematic and logical approaches to assess priorities based on the inputs of several people from different functional areas within the company. In this research work, the authors have shown how fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) can be effectively used with failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) approach...

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Initial Permeability Spectra of Mn0.20Zn0.50Cu0.30Fe2O4 Synthesized by Combustion Method

Frequency dependence initial permeability spectra of Mn0.20Zn0.50Cu0.30Fe2O4 synthesized by auto combustion method have been investigated. The X-ray diffraction patterns of this composition indicated that the sample possesses single phase cubic spinel structure. Sintering temperature (Ts) significantly affect on densification, grain growth and initial permeability of the samples. The grain size (D), bulk density ( B  ), initial permeability (μ/ i) increases with increase in sintering temperature....

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Development of an Automatic Solar Heat Tracking Parabolic Heliostat Panel System

Solar power is the flow of energy from the sun. It is one of the effective forms of renewable energy. The primary form of solar energy are heat and heat. Solar cells, referred to as photovoltaic cells, are devices or banks of devices that use the photovoltaic effect of semiconductors to produce electricity from sunlight. The solar tracking system is generally used in drastically changing environments in the tropical countries like Bangladesh. Due to this types of environment, solar panel doesn’t...

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Multi Product Multi Period Aggregate Production Planning in an Uncertain Environment

In this paper a new approach is proposed to handle the uncertain input value in the aggregate production planning model.Generally aggregate production planning models have been developed by considering certain value of each parameter over a planning horizon. But in real life these values are not remain certain over a planning horizon rather uncertain.The main objective of this proposed appraoch is to find out the minimum total aggregate production planning cost considering uncertain input value....

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Glass Ceiling for Professional Women: A Study on Bangladesh

The ‘glass ceiling’ metaphor is used to describe invisible barriers (glass) through which women see elite positions but cannot reach them (ceiling). The scenario poses as if there is not sufficient room for women at the top positions like a board member, authoritarian bodies, and top executive committees. Under such circumstances, whether the glass ceiling exists in Bangladesh, the obstacles the professional women face because of their gender, the kind of support they need, and the factors that...

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Assessing Ghana’s Fishing Industry: A Case Study of Some Selected Fishing Communities in the Greater Accra Region

Africa is a continent endowed with abundant fish resources in marine, inland or freshwaters. In spite of these benefits, the sector is at risk due to a decline in fish stocks in both marine and inland waters, leading the continent to be losing the potential to harvest between US$2 to US$5 billion of economic returns annually. In light of the declining state of the African fisheries sector, this study was conducted to assess Ghana’s fishing industry in view of the declining African fish stocks....

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Jamaican Immigrant Business Owners: Utilizing “the Partner” to Create Venture Success in New York City

Overall, immigrant entrepreneurs have outpaced native-born entrepreneurs five to one in terms of starting and sustaining business ventures. Between the years 2002 to 2008, the three most successful immigrant groups, Latin American, Chinese, and Jamaican, have contributed approximately $348 billion dollars to the U.S. economy. Jamaican Immigrant Business have been extremely successful in launching and sustaining entrepreneurial ventures in New York City. New York City particularly had the largest...

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Quality Education in the Private Universities in Bangladesh: A Study from the Perspectives of SERVQUAL Approach

The trend of pursuing higher education is particularly upward in Bangladesh from the last two decades. Before the establishment of the private universities, the public universities have been the only resort for higher education. Later on, the private universities have become new incorporation in this scenario. Now, both public and private universities are playing significant role in developing human resource (HR) for the nation. But ensuring quality education has so far remained as a great challenge...

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