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Impact of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management: Evidence from Sri Lankan Listed Companies

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between selected corporate governance mechanisms and the degree of earnings management of Sri Lankan listed companies. The study was carried out by using quantitative methodology and using secondary data primarily obtained through published annual reports of 175 non-financial companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange during 2017 to 2019. The study examined the relationship between eight selected corporate governance characteristics...

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Effect of Attributes of Audit Committee on Financial Performance: The Case of Sri Lanka

This study investigates the effects of the audit committee (AC) attributes such as AC size, AC independence, AC finance expertise and AC meeting frequency on firm performance of listed Sri Lankan companies during 2014 – 2018. Secondary data available on the Colombo Stock Exchange website and audited financial statements of a sample of 196 companies were analyzed using random effects model. Findings of the study revealed a significantly positive effect from three attributes of the AC (i.e., AC size,...

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Impact of Corporate Governance on Intellectual Capital Efficiency: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of corporate governance (CG) attributes on intellectual capital (IC) efficiency of listed Sri Lankan manufacturing sector companies from 2017-2019. This study uses data extracted from audited financial statements of 31 companies for three years (i.e. 2017-2019). The study develops hypotheses on CG attributes; board size, board composition, CEO duality, audit committee size, audit committee independence, audit committee meetings and IC efficiency....

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Impact of Internal Control on Financial Performance: Evidence from Sri Lanka

First, this paper aims to provide empirical evidence of relationship between the internal control and financial performance of the selected manufacturing companies. Second, it seeks to what extent the significance of each internal control component affects to the financial performance. The purpose of this paper is enabling to identify the impact of internal control on financial performance. Data were collected through an online and physical questionnaire and published annual reports of 34 manufacturing...

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The Impact of Audit Committee Effectiveness and Audit Quality on Financial Reporting Quality: The Case of Sri Lankan Banking Sector

Despite the high contribution of the banking sector to the GDP in Sri Lanka and the importance of the role of audit committees in financial reporting quality maintenance, there is a dearth of research that emphasize on the impact of audit committee effectiveness and audit quality on financial reporting quality in the Sri Lankan context. To fill this lacuna, the study aims to identify the impact of audit committee effectiveness and audit quality on financial reporting quality in the banking sector...

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The Impact of IFRS Adoption on Value Relevance of Accounting Information: The Case of Sri Lanka

This study investigates the impact of IFRS adoption on value relevance of accounting information in a developing country, Sri Lanka. The study uses publicly available data in annual financial statements and Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) reports of all listed companies in the CSE during 2008 – 2018 to estimate panel data regression models. Findings of the study indicate that price value relevance of Sri Lankan firms’ has increased and return value relevance has decreased upon adopting IFRS in 2012....

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Does Microcredit Empower Urban Poor Women? Evidence from Slums in Dhaka City

This paper examines the possible impact of the role of microcredit in enhancing empowerment for married women in urban slums of Bangladesh. Based on our primary survey data collection, we constructed the women empowerment index and tried to examine relationship between microcredit and women empowerment. Three indices of women empowerment have been constructed: economic empowerment, non-economic empowerment and overall empowerment. Simple correlation analysis revealed that frequency of microcredit...

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Influence of Culture on the Effectiveness of Internal Audit: A Literature Review

Purpose: Scholars have emphasised the importance of internal audit to effective decision making and improved organisational performance. Within the discourse, it has also been emphasised that the level of internal audit quality and effectiveness hinges on the contingency factors. Building on that contingency foundation, this study reviews literature on the culture based contingencies. Equally, this study flags relevant research directions towards advancing knowledge in this area. Design/methodology/approach:...

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Issues Involved in Maintaining an Effective Supply Chain in the Real Estate Industry of Bangladesh

Being an important sector of Bangladesh Real estate industry is going through intensified competition among the market players with the mixture of favorable issues and unfavorable challenges. To cope with such situation, an integrated system of supply chain management has become a necessity for the balanced growth and development of the REI of Bangladesh. Though the earlier research studies found a very significant role of maintaining effective supply chain for the growth of the REI, many of these...

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