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An Empirical Relationship between Trade Liberalization and Industrial Growth in Bangladesh

This research paper empirically investigated the cointegration and causal relationship between trade openness and industrial growth in Bangladesh economy using annual data from 1980 to 2016. Trade normally defined as the buying and selling of goods and services and when there is trade, it acts as a growth for many countries in developing industries. As there have been many studies relating to this topic, maximum studies showed that there is a causal relationship between trade and industrial growth....

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Relationship between Aggregate and Disaggregate Energy with Socio-Economic Development of Bangladesh: An Examination

This paper attempts to tap into some unexplored areas of Bangladesh’s development by analyzing the relationship between aggregate and disaggregate sources of energy usage and socio-economic development. We have conducted a series of tests in this paper to analyze the variables from 1985 to 2014. Our results reveal that both aggregate energy and disaggregate energy Granger cause GDP growth. It is also found that electric power consumption per capita and energy use per capita both Granger cause life...

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Oil Price and the Renewable Energy Consumption in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

Oil price is known for its volatility and due to the sudden fluctuation of oil price, developing countries are affected more than the developed countries. To the best of our knowledge, no studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between oil price and renewable energy consumption in Bangladesh and so the aim of this paper is to analyze how oil price impacts renewable energy consumption with the help of time series data (1980-2015). Johansens conintegration test reveals that our...

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Gender Implication of National BudgetEvidence from Bangladesh

The Gender Responsive Budget (GRB) is widely recognized as an effective tool to study for gender inclusive development, which in turn will create an endeavor on the improvement of socio-economic factor, economic growth and a sustainable long-term development. Being a developing country, Bangladesh has overcome some major constrains in gender issues along with a spectacular progress in female education, maternal health, female participation in the labor force, mitigating poverty via empowering women,...

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A Cross-Country Investigation of Foreign Aid and Dutch Disease: Evidence from selected SAARC Countries

The efficacy of foreign aid inflow with regards to dictating the development of the recipient nations is often questioned in the light of the Dutch disease problem whereby a surge in such inflows tend to appreciate the respective real exchange rates of the recipient nations,bottlenecking their export competitiveness. Against this prelude, the main aim of this paper is to investigate the causal relationship between FAID inflow and RER movements in context of the four SAARC countries that have been...

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The Value of a Bangladeshi Woman’s Time: An Econometric Analysis

The unpaid labor of women in any country holds substantial economic value. This research aims to estimate the value of time for non-working women in Bangladesh, and the wage rates that they would face in the labourmarket. In this quest, it generates the probability that a woman works, her shadow wage, and her offered wage from a set of common parameters. This paper adopts the approach utilized in Heckman (1974, 1976, and 1979) and applies it in the context of Bangladesh by utilizing cross sectional...

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Factors Affecting Investment Decisions: A Study on Bangladesh Stock Market

Stock market is one of the attractive places for investment among the investors of Bangladesh. There are two stock exchanges namely Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) and Chittagong stock exchange (CSE). People invest their money in both primary and secondary market(s) for the purpose of gaining profit. But the investment situation was not good in Bangladeshi market in the recent past. The investors witnessed two severe stock market crashes in Bangladesh in the years 1996 and 2010. Since then investors encountered...

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