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Demand Heterogeneity and Economic Value: An Evaluation of the OTC Derivatives Market

This paper provides a framework to show that the OTC derivatives market is important for improving the welfare of market participants. This framework is built on the idea that heterogeneity of market participants is the basis for innovations in financial products. The OTC market provides a flexible structure to make it possible for firms and their heterogeneous clients to trade in new products. The data provided in this paper support this framework. JEL Codes: D61, G14, L51 ...

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Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interaction in the Greece: A Cointegration Approach

Recently, monetary authorities have increasingly focused on implementing policies to ensure price stability and strengthen central bank independence. Simultaneously, in the fiscal area, market development has allowed public debt managers to focus more on cost minimization. This « divorce » of monetary and debt management functions in no way lessens the need for effective coordination of monetary and fiscal policy if overall economic performance is to be optimized and maintained in the long term....

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BP Dimensions and the Advertising Industry –The Case of the UAE

Using the outcomes of two focus group discussions and responses from 280 respondents from the city of Dubai, UAE – an economy that is epicenter to the world of marketing and advertising, this study attempts to map the dimensions of Aaker’s Brand Personality (BP) to the Advertising Industry. Studies using the concept of BP have largely been of brands and products and the markets in continuum are moving towards the application of branding constructs to nontraditional subjects. This is perhaps the...

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A Note on Productivity Change of Bangladeshi Commercial Banks

Financial system of Bangladesh is predominantly bank based and overwhelming portion of its financing need is catered by commercial banks. A good number of private commercial banks along with some well-known international banks operate in Bangladesh. In such backdrop efficiency of banking system of Bangladesh is crucial. It has been more than a decade that Bangladeshi banking system has become market oriented (in functional sense) and local banking system is becoming increasingly integrated with international...

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Pitching Employee Suggestions and Ideas: Managerial Voice Propagation up the Hierarchy

Do middle managers propagate novel employee communication up the hierarchy? This paper investigates characteristics of the employee, employee input and the work environment that can facilitate or impede managerial propagation of employees’ improvement-oriented voice up the hierarchy. In particular, this study examines the effects of novelty and feasibility of employee improvement-oriented voice, credibility of speaker and time pressure on the likelihood that managers will propagate suggestions...

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Competence Utilisation Among Foreign-trained Faculty Members in Saudi Public Universities

Foreign scholarships awarded by Saudi public universities to their trainee academics are intended to provide substantial learning and capacity building opportunities for future faculty members through education and training at well-established higher education institutions throughout the world. At the same time, overseas studies are intended to provide sponsoring universities with highly qualified domestic faculty members who can help meet staffing needs, and strengthen their human and institutional...

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Service Recovery and Competitive Positioning: The Moderation Effect of Technical Efficiency

This recipe attempts to provide further insight into service recovery by proposing an extended framework that captures the main effects between recovery alternatives and indicators of competitive positioning as well as the moderation effects introduced by technical efficiency. Two sets of questionnaires with almost similar questions were administered amongst teachers of Federal Government Colleges (FGCs) and senior officers of telecommunications firms in the south-eastern Nigeria, where Global Systems...

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Do Job Groups Influence Email Usage in a Similar Way as Roles? A Study of Academics

The influence of roles in the use of email has been explored at the mesocultural and it was observed that significant differences existed between the roles in 9 out of 12 markers. This paper seeks to explore the perception that the same patterns may exist at the micro-cultural job level. Using data gathered by Silverstone (2014) the Academic role has been broken down into 4 appropriate job groups and an unspecified academic group. From the original 1010 responses gathered by Silverstone (2014), 481...

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The 2011 US Debt Ceiling Debacle – Multivariate GARCH-in-Mean Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to determine whether market crises in the U.S. and the increased volatility that they generate in the U.S. equity market, lead to similar increases in equity market volatilities in ten countries which are major foreign holders of U.S. Debt. The spillover effects of cluster volatility are observed in the context of two significant U.S. market crises: the financial crisis of 2007 and the threat of the U.S. government refusing to raise its “debt ceiling” and...

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