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An Empirical Investigation between Foreign Aid and Fertility Rate among Women in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an emerging third world country. The country has potential to develop a great amount in the future; however, high poverty, low rates of literacy and a rapidly increasing population can hinder its development. The fertility rate of Bangladesh had dropped significantly in the early 1990s but it has plateaued ever since entering the third millennium. This might be of great concern to an evolving economy like Bangladesh. A great worth of foreign aid is flowing into the country every year...

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The Optimum Level of Income Inequality: Evidence from Panel Data

This paper postulates that the relationship between income inequality and economic growth is non-linear. At low levels of income inequality, the relationship is positive, whilst at high levels of income inequality the relationship is negative. Thus, there exists a level of income inequality which maximizes economic growth. Such a level of income inequality is defined as the optimum level of income inequality. Panel data of 25 countries over a period of 50 years, from 1960 to 2010, was used to estimate...

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Does Foreign Remittances Reduce Government Spending? Response from Bangladesh

In this era of globalization, remittance has become a major issue as it effects the economies of developing countries from different channels. Though remittance have significant impacts on the economy of Bangladesh, no studies have been conducted to explore how remittance effects government spending and so, the core objective of this paper is to empirically analyze the impact of remittance on government spending with the help of time series data ranging from 1980 to 2015. Johansson’s cointegration...

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Impact of Integrated Marketing on the Business Growth of Mobile Telecom Industry: An Empirical Study from Bangladesh Perspectives

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing nations in the perspective of mobile telecommunications support area. It went through a large modification of legal and economic issues to make a level playing field for this industry player(s). The result of which is exhibited from the increased number of competitors among the mobile telecommunication service providers. This has been demonstrated from the increasing difficulties and possibilities in the marketplace. To make sure constant development of the...

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Does Economic Resilience Enhance Private Investment? Evidence from Panel Data

The paper examines the relationship between economic resilience and private investment using panel data from 42 countries. An Index of resilience has been constructed that is comparable both across countries and over time. Both static and dynamic panel model of investments are estimated. The results show that economic resilience has strong impact on private investment. The relationship is robust to alternative estimation methods. Control variables such as growth of per capita income, public investment,...

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Investment Decisions of Private versus Public Firms: Clues from the Movie Industry

Using detailed project-level data on hundreds of projects, this paper investigates risk and returns of projects by public and private firms in the movie industry. If the investments of private firms are adversely affected by their limited access to external equity markets, the returns of projects by public firms would be more favorable than those for similar projects by private firms. Alternatively, the converse would hold if public firms are plagued by inefficiencies that arise due to agency problems....

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Application of TOPSIS Model with Entropy Weights for Sustainability Assessment at Prefecture-Level Cities in China

Sustainable development is a multidimensional concept. Many different sets of sustainability indicators including some composite indices have been developed over the years to assess progress to sustainable development in a place. None of the indices has universal acceptance. This paper at tempts to evaluate progress toward sustainable development at 242 representat ive prefecture-level cities in China using a multi-criteria decision making method, TOPSIS, with entropy weights. One of the advantages...

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A Review on Trade Performance: Influence of Distance and Muslim Population on Halal Exports

Malaysia has a very open economy and economic growth depends highly on trade. In order to stay relevant in the global supply chain to trade, the Malaysian Government has identified halal industry as a niche sector to drive growth. Although halal exports are growing steadily, the growth is still very far from the targeted growth. Thus, understanding the determinants of halal exports is important to further boost exports growth and help achieve the targeted growth. This is a concept paper to investigate...

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Marketing Strategies for Radical Innovation

The ability to introduce successful new products is critical to the survival and long-term success of firms. Successful new products help firms grow and prosper. Studies show, all else equal, that the market value of innovative firms is higher than other firms. Radical innovation has attracted the interest of researchers because of its importance for firm long-term performance. This paper reviews several research studies about strategies employed by successful radical innovators. Lessons are drawn...

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