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The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Trade Openness: The Case of South Asian Countries

In the recent decades, the relationship between environmental problems and trade remains the most controversial topics for the economic literature. When trade increases, the consumption of fuels also increases which are heavily used in generation of energy, transport and industry. A large amount of population uses the small area of arable land to cut down trees for energy, as a result, carbon emissions increases. So, the aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between trade openness, GDP...

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Role of Social Media in B2B Brand Development: A Study from the Perspectives of the RMG Industry of Bangladesh

Social media has redefined the ways through which brand was developed earlier. Now-a-days repeat and integrated use of social media including blogging, micro-blogging, photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking sites have been very useful in creating a favorable and long-lasting branding image of the organizations.It is also now a common online media strategy in the leading firms of various industries. From this perspective the current study is an attempt to examine the role of social media...

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Essentials of Managing Research Quality in Thai Universities

In Thailand, the increasingly burdensome regulations and oversight mechanisms imposed by state agencies have contributed to a compliance-oriented culture of research in most universities. Any deviation from the stipulated practices can result in swift action by state agencies, such as the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA). This paper draws on relevant data from secondary sources, such as QS Rankings, Google Scholar...

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Do Recovery Plans Improve Public Hospitals Efficiency and Productivity? Evidence from Italy

The Italian National Health System has experienced a turnaround since 2007, following the development of formal regional recovery plans aimed at reducing healthcare expenditures in the public spending of the weakest regions. With the season of these recovery plans, the Italian Health System started a process of reorganization of the hospital sector. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the efficiency of Italian public hospitals for the period 2010–2013 and to study the effect of the regional...

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Seedlings Recruitment: The Case of Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is the single tract largest mangrove forest in the whole world. The forest occupies the south-west corner of Bangladesh. The forest cover an area of 6,017 km2, of which 4143 km2 are landmass and remaining 1874 km2 are under water bodies. The Sundarbans has a high biodiversity value in which is tidally inundated twice a day. Prain (1903) reported 334 species belonging to 245 genera of spermatophytes and pteridophytes. Chaffey et al. (1985) listed 66 species. Helalsiddiqui (1998) listed...

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Financial Innovations and its Impact on Money Demand in Bangladesh: An Error Correction Model (ECM) Approach

Rapid innovations in the financial sector is changing the characteristics of different macroeconomic variables like the money demand function. There has been several studies to investigate the determinants of money demand in Bangladesh but none has emphasized on the impact of financial innovation on the money demand function. The main focus of this paper is to fill that gap by answering the following question “Does financial innovations have a significant impact on the demand for money?” The...

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Smart Government Systems Adoption: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Smart government systems are emerging technologies that are being used in many fields of endeavor, such as companies in the public and private sectors. Smart government systems consist of many parts, which play diverse roles in the success of smart government adoption of technologies. The most important factors are technological, organizational, environmental, and social in character, and good preparation has implications for government decision- and policymakers. The aim of this research is to investigate...

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Asset Allocation with Nonnegative Weights and Lognormal Portfolio Returns

The stage of strategic asset allocation is the most important one in a process of portfolio management: asset classes are selected and target weights are set. Careful decision-making benefits from the computation of an efficient frontier. In this work, weights are nonnegative and rebalanced once a year; portfolio returns are time uncorrelated and lognormal. Anovel sufficient condition is obtained, whereby efficient portfolios based on linear returns may turn into efficient portfolios based on logarithmic...

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Measuring Knowledge: Towards a Quantitative Approach

This is a conceptual and theoretical paper written with a view to constructing a quantitative measurement model of knowledge for the organisations. Knowledge of a firm is the total accumulated knowledge for its operational and administrative requirements. This study attempts to find out the ways of measuring knowledge quantitatively in the organisations. This paper is mainly based on literature on Knowledge Management (KM) and Strategic Management with a special emphasis to Walsh and Ungson’s (1991)...

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