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Air Quality Monitoring: The Use of Arduino and Android

In this paper a cost efficient, portable, easily manageable Arduino based device has been presented to monitor air quality. The device works by collecting data of quantity of specific harmful gases and the amount of dust present in the air. This device can be located at any place and the data can be transferred to an Android phone via Bluetooth or simply by connecting the device to a PC/laptop. Data collected by the device from different places can be later examined to make further decisions and...

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Sectoral and Temporal Damage Variation Due to Cyclonic Storm Surge: The Case Study of Aila

The coastal region of Bangladesh is protected from tidal actions by 139 polders. During cyclone Aila in 2009, several polders failed, causing immense sufferings to the coastal inhabitants. This article presents the results of investigations of the nature of damages and their variations in different sectors in a selected coastal polder of the south-western Bangladesh during Aila. The study was carried out involving the application of various Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools including Focus...

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Agricultural Adaptation Practices in Coastal Bangladesh: Response to Climate Change Impacts

Agriculture is one of the major livelihoods in the coastal Bangladesh and future changed climate is likely to affect the agricultural activities. Different adaptation measures have been taken in response to climate change in coastal Bangladesh. In this study, the agricultural adaptation practices were documented and analyzed according to different criteria to determine the present condition of coastal agriculture under the threat of climate change. Most of the adaptations are found to be practiced...

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Biodiesel Production from Waste Frying Oil and Its Process Simulation

The paper explores the effect of the quantity of methanol on biodiesel production and its characteristics from Waste Frying Oil (WFO). Based on the results, it progresses to develop a continuous process simulation that can be scaled-up for commercial applications. Pretreatment of WFO was carried out by acid-esterification, followed by base-catalyzed transesterification. Optimum molar ratio of methanol: oil was found to be 6:1 experimentally which was then used in Aspen HYSYS to develop a continuous...

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Effect of Rolling Temperature and Rolling Speed on Mechanical Properties of QTB Passed TMT re-bar

TMT re-bar is produced by using QTB process where hot-billets are rolled through several horizontal and vertical rolls then passed through water for quenching purposes. Mecanical properties such as yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength, elongation and bending properties are depends on previous thermo mechanical treatment, billet Chemistry and cooling rate at quenched and tempered bath of re-bars. In this paper, we only discuss about effect of billet temperature and last stand speed on yield strength...

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Temperature Dependence of DC Electrical Conduction in Plasma Polymerized Pyrrole Thin Films

The temperature dependence of direct current (DC) electrical conduction in plasma polymerized pyrrole (PPPy) thin films has been discussed in this article. A parallel plate capacitively coupled glow discharge reactor was employed to deposit PPPy thin films and different properties of the films were studied in detail. In the study of DC conduction properties, the current density-voltage (J-V) characteristics of PPPy thin films at room temperature indicated that in the low field region the conduction...

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Urban Search and Rescue Mission: The Use of Marsupial Robots

Marsupial animals are a group of mammals where the mother carries around its babies in a pouch (for example, kangaroos). Inspired by this idea from nature, the concept of marsupial robots is developed. We present a system that consists of a multi-terrain “mother robot” and smaller versatile “baby robots”. The mother robot would carry in its interior the baby robots through a treacherous and rugged terrain to a central rescue location, while providing rapid, efficient and sheltered...

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Design and Fabrication of a Turbine Flow Meter

In the modern age of industrialization measuring the flow of fluid in an industry is a major issue for controlling the production process. Along with the flow of fluid, temperature is also a matter of concern for quality maintenance of the product. Keeping those things in mind this project is so designed and fabricated to record the flow rate and temperature of either a liquid (such as oil or water) or a gas (such as natural gas) simultaneously and precisely. And the output is shown in a liquid Crystal...

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Automation In Search Of Optimal Plan Resolution Of Logistics Tasks With Georeferenced

This paper gives a complex algorithm based model for the formalization and automated method of finding the optimal georeferenced solution logistics tasks which can be implemented. In the work a complex algorithm was proposed that finds the optimal plan for transportation of cargo. This algorithm finds the shortest network routes of delivery of goods, distributes vehicle routes and calculates the amount of the costs for transportation of a certain quantity of goods. The algorithm was realized in software...

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