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Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining Industry in Thailand

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can create value among stakeholders in both private and public sectors. In the international mining business, CSR concept plays an important role in enhancing relationships among various mining stakeholders. This paper reports on motivations and strategies of CSR by mining companies in Thailand. It argues that the CSR‟s value creation process in Thailand is complex and culturally bound. To understand motivation and types of CSR activities in the mining industry,...

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Perceived Importance of Defensive Marketing Strategies: An Exploratory Study

The purpose of this research is to explore how students enrolled in business programs perceive the importance of defensive marketing strategies before competitors enter their market. The study involves running principal component analysis to summarize the responses into broad categories, and then use ANOVA analysis to examine how different demographic and other variables impact participant perceptions about the importance of the defensive strategies. A major finding of the study is that the mental...

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Is Internal Market Orientation Still a Good Strategy to Promote Business Performance? : Evidence from Taiwan

Internal market orientation, equivalent to market orientation that is known to precede the effective implementation of marketing strategies, may increase the effectiveness of market-oriented company’s response to market conditions because it allows the company’s management to better align market objectives with internal capabilities, and it can help enterprise to build managerial capabilities. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of internal market orientation on the application...

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Assessing Stress at Work across Occupations and Cultures Using the Occupational Stress Inventory Revised

Workplace stress is common across occupations and across nations. However, there has been limited research examining the similarities and differences across cultures, and none that seem to have used a direct comparison across one professional area using the same extensive and validated questionnaire. One such questionnaire is the Occupational Stress Inventory-Revised (OSI-R: Osipow 1998) which assesses three main dimensions related to stress: “occupational roles” (stressors), “personal strain”...

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Expressions of Fresh Graduates: Employee Loyalty in Malaysia

This study identifies the attitude and organisational factors which are the main criteria that affect employee loyalty among fresh graduates in Malaysia. By analysing the causes of the increase of employee turnover rate, the research is able to bring out the solutions on how to solve this critical issue. Based on theoretical considerations, a model was proposed to investigate employee loyalty via turnover intention. The questionnaire was adopted from previous research which had been done by Malaysian...

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Factors Affecting Employees’ Perception for Procedural and Distributive Justice

This study was carried out to understand the impact of demographic factors on employee perception about distributive and procedural justice. Four demographic variables, namely: age, gender, status and tenure of employees, were chosen as predictors, and their relationship with the two dependent variables: procedural and distributive justice, was studied. A total of eight hypotheses were formulated, linking each predictor to both dependent variables, individually. A questionnaire was then designed...

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The Contributing Roles of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence in Entrepreneurial Innovation and Creativity

Interest shown on entrepreneurs has been increasing for many years. Researchers are keen to know the behavior and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The purpose of this paper is to determine the contributing roles of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence in terms of entrepreneurial innovation and creativity. The study used both quantitative and qualitative approach. A total of 88 entrepreneurs took part in the study which span over a period of 1 year. It was found that successful...

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The Direct Effect of Supply Chain Management Practices on Management Accounting and Supply Chain Performance

This paper adds to an existing, though relatively sparse, body of research by examining a framework linking a firm’s supply chain management (SCM) practices, its management accounting practices and supply chain performance .Drawing on the existing literature, a model was tested using partial least squares (PLS) on survey data collected from Malaysian publicly listed firms. The research finds a positive relationship between an emphasis on SCM practices and management accounting practices. The findings...

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The Effects of Work Design Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: An Empirical Investigation

This study was aimed to examine the effect of work design characteristics on employee engagement in Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB). Drawing upon the Expanded Work Design Model (Humphrey, Nahrgang, & Morgeson, 2007) and the Job Characteristics Theory (Hackman & Oldham 1975), this study specifically examined the direct effect of seven dimensions of work design characteristics on OCB. A total of 646 nursing and clinical employees holding non-supervisory jobs in 3 public hospitals...

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Determinants of Starting Entrepreneurs through Non Formal Education’s Professional Practice in Hangdong District, Chiangmai Province, Thailand

In Thailand, entrepreneurs have been paid much attention by the government. It is believed that the economy of a country is driven by entrepreneurs. The Thai government’s policy is to encourage people to start their own firms. It has created an environment which entrepreneurs can thrive by supporting people in communities through training via the non-formal education centre (NFE). This study tries to answer 2 research questions; i) What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs who make use of NFE’s...

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