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How Employees’ Performance in The Lebanese Banking Sector is impacted by Innovative Leaders’ Characteristics

The objective of this research is to investigate if innovative leaders and their characteristics in banks located in different region in Lebanon can improve employees’ performance. This research followed the quantitative deductive methodology using a Likert scale questionnaire constituted of 18questionsand the conducted sample was formed of 250 employees from 25 commercial banks in Lebanon, where 10 questionnaires were randomly distributed to employees in every bank located in different Lebanese...

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Universal Health Coverage for the Poor in the Coastal Bangladesh through Ethics and Economic Responsibility

Poor people in general get poor quality of health services. The situation is very much worse for the poor who live in the remote areas as health care facilities and services are often less complete, farther away and therefore more costly to reach than in urban hospitals and physician. To ensure good health service for the poor, it is essential to examine the effectiveness of Universal Health Coverage with respect to ethics and economics of responsibility point of view. To fulfill the research objective, this...

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Exchange Rate Misalignment and Growth: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa

Exchange rate misalignment for developing countries often concerns overvaluations of the domestic currencies. The general consensus has been that misalignment (undervaluation) spurs economic growth. Recently, Gonclaves and Rodriques found this not to be so compelling with the inclusion of domestic savings in their model. However, we replicate the same methodology for sub-saharan countries and found the domestic savings rate not to be relevant, leaving the argument that misalignment is good for economic...

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Corporate Bond Market: The Case of Bangladesh

A sound financial system can ensure economic development of a country. In this system, bond market can play a vital role in Bangladesh. Bond market provides long term finance to issuers by creating alternative source of finance, besides it also provides steady source of income to investors. The study has explored the prospects of corporate bond market and identified major impediments to develop corporate bond market in Bangladesh. We have collected secondary data from various sources. The primary...

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Acceptance of Mobile Banking: The Case of BRAC Bank Limited

Mobile Banking(M-Banking) is a very new but proficient concept of banking arena for last few years. It delivers financial services outside conventional bank branches through non bank retail outlets relying on modern technologies. A momentous part of total Bangladeshi people has been incorporated with this option that ensures banking services to so many nonbanking grass root people in a swift and easy mode. Although some commercial banks offer M-Banking in Bangladesh BRAC Bank ltd. is the pioneer...

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Employees’ Satisfaction of Government Organization in Tangail City, Bangladesh

Employees’ satisfaction is directly related to their commitment, citizenship behavior, turnover, absenteeism, dedication and performance. Job satisfaction is important to attract and retain talent workforce. Organization can ensure a competitive advantage over the key rivals through confirming the satisfaction of employees towards job. Organization need to meet the expectations of employees’ which shall ensure their job satisfaction. The purpose of the study is to measure the job satisfaction...

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Choosing Wisely for Health: a Context Analysis through a Systematic Search of the Published Literature

The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and Consumer Reports initiated the Choosing Wisely campaign in 2012 to identify and develop lists of services that are overused, inappropriately used and potentially harmful. This study aims to identify all published literature on Choosing wisely for health, in order to answer to the following questions: 1) Which countries have published in this field? 2) According to the evidence, which scientific societies have defined recommendations? and 3) What...

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A Relational Study on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Switching Cost & Word of Mouth: A Study of Islamic Bank in Bangladesh

The study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between customer loyalty vis-à-vis word of mouth and customer satisfaction. Data for the study were collected both from secondary and primary sources. For primary data collection, total sample strength of the study was 80 and systematic sampling technique was used for the purpose. The SPSS version 21 software was employed for data analysis. The result shows the correlation among switching cost, customer satisfaction (employee competence, reliability,...

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