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Are Faithful Investors Rewarded by the Market Place? Evidence from Australian Shariah-compliant Equities

This paper investigates the impacts of index revisions on the return and liquidity of Shariah-compliant Australian shares, using a sample of companies added to and deleted from the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index. In contrast to the findings of conventional index revision studies, and index revision studies in Muslim countries, our results show that these stock prices respond negatively to index additions, and positively to index deletions. Furthermore, our study provides overwhelming evidence in...

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The Competition between Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models in Earning Management Prediction

Earning management prediction is one of the salient issues that help stockholders and other users in accurate evaluation of financial position and performance of the firm and it becomes more and more important in preparing and reporting the useful information for decision makings regarding the highlighted importance of recent worldwide financial crisis. In this paper, researchers attempt to provide an optimum model for predicting the earning management.The main goal of this paper is to compare the...

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The Moderating Effects of Capital Regulation on Loans and Bank Stability: The Case of Malaysia

The importance of loans to the banking industry is undeniable and is one of the main contributors to banks’ profits. However, high loan growth and large concentration of loan to certain economic sector would increase banks vulnerabilities and expose banks to financial shocks which eventually would affect the bank stability. Realizing the risks faced by the banking institutions, this study examines the effects of loan activities of Malaysian banks to the bank stability. This study hypothesizes that...

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Rural Micro Credit (RMC) and Poverty Alleviation: The Case of the PKSF in Bangladesh

The problem of poverty is particularly severe in Bangladesh. To achieve the national development goals and especially to reduce poverty, the Government of Bangladesh has started to experiment with cooperative approaches involving the private sector and NGOs. Public Private Partnership (PPP) has been introduced as one of these novel approaches to poverty alleviation in Bangladesh. The Rural Micro Credit (RMC) program of the Palli KarmaShahayak Foundation (PKSF) is one of important PPP initiatives...

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Investment – Cash Flow Sensitivity and Factors Affecting Firm’s Investment Decisions

Corporate financial structure and financing resources are very important for a firm in their investment decisions and value enhancement. Firms may seek for the cheapest financing resources while maximizing their return from investment. By using panel data analysis, this paper demonstrated the investment-cash flow sensitivity and the others factors affecting the firm’s investment decisions. Result shows that there is significant negative investment-cash flow sensitivity. This implied that firms...

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Financing International Trade by Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Pubali Bank Limited

International trade in the developing countries amounts to about half of their gross national income (GNI). Commercial banks support smooth trading of goods by financing international traders which is broadly defined as International Trade Finance. Although it is widely recognized that commercial banks have a major role in international trade, there exists no systematic study that indicate the contribution of trade financing by commercial banks in the growth of international trade of the least developed...

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Antecedents of Successful Decision Making: The Role of Experience, Decision Environment and Decision Type

The paper outlines a study undertaken to identify the types of impact that prior experience, the decision environment and the decision type could have upon the performances and outcomes of the decisions made. The objective was to portray the relationships between decision performances, prior experience, decision environments and decision types in order to offer advice in the building of decision support systems. Survey data was collected in a large Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company which supported...

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Impact of Firm Specific Factors on Cash Dividend Payment Decisions: Evidence from Bangladesh

This study aims to explore the impact of firm specific factors on cash dividend payment decisions for a sample of 41 non financial firms listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) in Bangladesh during 2007-2011. This study tests a null hypothesis that none of the firm specific factors namely profitability, size, liquidity, growth, earnings volatility, and managerial ownership has significant effects on cash dividend payments using fixed-effect regression model under the assumption that intercepts vary...

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Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Market in Japan

This paper examines the long run relationship between the financial development, stock market development and economic growth in Japan. Johansen Co-integration Technique and Vector Error Correction Model are used to investigate the relationships. The results demonstrate that there is a long-run equilibrium relationship between the financial development, stock market development and economic growth in Japan and that financial development and stock market development causes economic growth, but there...

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Gaining of Competitive Advantage of Malaysian Telecommunication Products: Measure of Competitiveness

This study tries to examine the export competitiveness of selected telecommunication products by using indicators like Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and Constant Market Share (CMS) analysis and Shift-share method and these are used for identifying potential export markets. The selected four categories of telecommunication products are taken into account on the basis of three digit level Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) for the period between 2000 and 2011.The RCA calculation...

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