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The Causal Links among Market Fitness, Organizational Process and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan’s Electronics Industries

Measuring dynamic capabilities and estimating their consequences on performance are challenging as they are naturally complex and multi-dimensional. This study aims to investigate the effect of a firm’s market engagement on performance, and its role in linking firm internal processes and performance. This study focuses on the mediating role of market fitness in order to empirically clarify how a firm’s organizational procedural capabilities drive its performance. For empirical analysis, this...

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Japanese Banks in the UK Project Finance Market: Observations through Social Network Analysis

This study investigates the market position of Japanese banks in the UK project finance market. To this end, this study employs social network analysis, which enables us to understand the types of communities existing in the market and the characteristics of the networks constructed by Japanese banks. This study uses the data of the UK project finance transactions conducted in 2014. The main results indicate the existence of three groups in the market. All the Japanese banks belong to the largest...

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The Change of Consumer Buying Behavior towards Thailand Department Store Operations in a Digital Age

Over the last 20 years, Thailand department stores have progressed quickly and have beaten local stores and dominated the Thai retail market. In 2016, Thailand’s retail sector had a combined value of THB2.2 trillion (Modern Trade 40% and Traditional Trade 60%) which accounts for 27.4% of GDP. The country has developed a positive reputation with pro-investment policies, well-developed infrastructure and has become commercial hub in Asia. Both multinational corporations and local retailers are integrating...

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Banking Crises, Bank Regulation and Intervention

This cross-country analysis examines whether specific regulatory and supervisory practices and intervention policies are associated with the possibility of the recent banking crisis in countries. In general, countries significantly increase restrictions on bank regulatory capital requirement after global financial crisis but banking crisis countries do not significantly change their regulatory and supervisory structure to better prevent the next crisis. The empirical results show that (a) greater...

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Quality of Life (QoL) of Employees in Klang Valley, Malaysia: What Makes You Happy?

This paper presents very interesting findings of an empirical research which examines the relationship between quality of life (QoL) and the overall life happiness of employees in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The study measures perception of full time employees from both public and private sectors regarding constructs that they feel important in influencing their overall life happiness. The associations between QoL constructs and overall life happiness are analyzed through statistical methods such as...

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Urgent Call for True-Friendships: An Empirical Test for Co-Operative

Aiming to identify antecedents for long-term orientation in co-operative organization, the study conducted two analyses. For the first part, the study conducted critical review among several academic works to find clear direction regarding the phenomenon. One pivotal finding from this phase would be the use of true-friendship as basis. Addressing dialectical theory of friendship, the study appointed three possible candidates: trust, commitment and loyalty. Moreover, dialectical process signaled to...

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Sustainable Development of the Mobile Phone Telecommunication Industry of Bangladesh: An Internal Marketing Approach

Customer is considered as the king or queen of the market. Hence, the survival and success of an organization as well as industry in general depends on the satisfaction of such customers. This again depends on the active role and caring service of the customer oriented employees. However, the performance excellence of the latter greatly depends on the satisfaction of the target market. This is where the earlier research studies found that internal marketing can be feasible solution to hire, train,...

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Examining Systematic Risk with Principal Component Analysis: An Empirical Analysis in Hong Kong Stock Market

This paper proposes a two-step approach to examine the macroeconomic determinants of systematic risk. The first step takes as systematic risk the first principal component in a portfolio that explains the largest variance from a Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The second step examines the macroeconomic determinants that constitute systematic risk. Applying the approach to monthly data of 189 stocks in 11 sector portfolios in Hong Kong, the findings show that the unemployment rate and trade balance...

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