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An Empirical Investigation on the Relationship between Remittance and Energy Consumption towards Bangladesh Economy

Remittances are known to make a positive contribution to the overall GDP of an economy. In recent years, it has become a major source of financial inflow for Bangladesh. On the other hand, for a substantial growth of an economy, the right amount of energy consumption is required. According to our knowledge, energy consumption has not been associated with remittance in any previous empirical studies, although significant studies are found to exist with other macroeconomic variables. This is the first multivariate...

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Relationship between Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Five South Asian Countries: An Empirical Analysis

Increased amount of fossil energy consumption in developing or emerging countries has created major concerns about global warming where renewable energy could be a good option which can assist to continue stable economic growth as well as can prevent environmental degradation. To the best of our knowledge, no studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between renewable energy consumption and economic growth in five South Asian neighboring countries and so the aim of this paper is...

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Tax Revenue and Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

As per the common narrative, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a crucial source of capital investment. Most of the developing countries try to attract FDI for improving their domestic investment scenario. However, FDI inflow may be hampered due to high tax revenue in developing countries. To the best of our knowledge, no studies have been conducted to investigate the underlying relationship between FDI and tax revenue in Bangladesh. Thus, the core objective of this paper is to analyze the impact...

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Causal Relationship between Current Account Deficit and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Analysis of Bangladesh

The causal association between foreign direct investment and current account deficit has gained interest of researchers and policy makers all around the world due to it’s consequences. While this paper examines the co integration and causal relationship between current account deficit and foreign direct investment in Bangladesh economy. For this research we have taken into account annual data starting from 1980 to 2015.Our results reveal that there is a unidirectional causality running from foreign direct...

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Nexus between Financial Development and Energy Consumption: Experience from Bangladesh

Energy can be considered as the backbone of the economy and financial progress is the legs upon which it is standing. Bangladesh being one of the most overpopulated country in the world has managed to maintain an approximate 6% growth rate over the past decade. This has been made possible through a combined effort of providing sufficient resources to the people. This paper analyses the relationship between two of the most important variable in sustaining growth and development, financial development...

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The Relationship between Oil Consumption and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

Today, oil is considered as a dynamic factor that helps to sustain modern economic activities as well as wellbeing of a nation. To the best of our knowledge, no study has been done in the context of Bangladesh regarding the causal relationship between oil consumption and economic growth. Hence, the aim of this paper is to empirically analyze the long-run causal relationship between oil consumption and economic growth in Bangladesh by using annual data ranging from 1980 to 2015. Johansen’s Cointegration...

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Prospects Coal as an Alternative Environmental Friendly Fuel to Mitigate Energy Crisis in Bangladesh Economy

The substratum of any nation’s economy is energy. It constitutes crucial infrastructural inputs into the economic development process. Extensive research been conducted in the past, and all of them stated that energy is vital for the developing process. Bangladesh has been blessed with substantial amount of natural gas that helped the nation to make significant economic process for its vast population. However, the natural gas reserves are depleting, which will become a threat to the energy sector...

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Information Literacy at Tertiary Level of Education

Information skills and academic IT skills are imperative to higher education but ignored by most pre-degree preparatory General Foundation Programmes (GFPs) in Oman. Therefore, a need of introducing, designing and implementing such a module was identified pertaining to the requirements and the importance of the information skills in this Digital Era, where students rely mostly of electronic information resources for academic researches, assignments and acquiring knowledge. After the successful implementation...

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Fair Value Accounting Practices and Financial Performance of Commercial Banking Industry

This conceptual paper discusses the impact of fair value accounting practices on financial performance of commercial banks in relation to the established banking theories i.e. Credit creation, fractional reserve and financial intermediation theory. These theories are discussed in view of historical cost accounting principles and fair valued accounting principles considering the financial performance during different stages of economic conditions. The analysis shows that fair value accounting practices...

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The Benefits of Hiring Individuals with Autism

Individuals diagnosed with autism are on the increase and therefore any assistance given to them to generate a better quality of life through employment will go a long ways in helping many. This conceptual paper reviewed the literature to evaluate some apparent problems associated with the hiring process and identify effective practices. Early intervention and training along with professional involvement were found to be advantageous in assisting individuals with autism as well as their families,...

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