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Prediction of the Start of Next Recession

The future value of the binary recession variable is modeled to be dependent on the present and past values of a set of m US economic variables selected from a pool of 14 variables via a conditional distribution which is derived from an -dimensional power-normal distribution. The mean together with the 2.5% and 97.5% points of the conditional distribution are used to predict the start of the next US recession. When and , some of the models can provide fairly good indicators for the start of the next...

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Behavioural Timing, Valuation and Post-Issue Performance of UK Rights Issues

Using a comprehensive sample of 2853 UK rights issues launched from 1975-2007, this study introduces a new angle on testing the behavioural timing hypothesis in the context of SEOs via investigating the inter-relationships between the magnitude of firm mis-valuation and post-issue 3-year stock price performance. Firm mis-valuation is measured using (i) a methodology developed in Rhodes-Kropf, Robinson and Viswanathan (2005) of decomposing market-to-book ratios into mis-valuation and growth options...

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Transfer Pricing: The Case of Saudi Arabia

This study examines transfer pricing behaviour for the purpose of shifting profits between national tax jurisdictions with different rates of profit tax in the context of the Saudi oil and gas sector as well as that of several other countries (i.e., Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Norway, Poland, Sweden, UK and US). The methodology of the Bartelsman and Beetsma (2003) is proposed as the basis for testing the hypothesis. The results of this study show that the Bartelsman...

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Testing the Validity of Capital Assets Pricing Model: Evidence from Palestinian Exchange Market

This study aims at investigating the relationship between risk and return for the listed stocks in Palestinian exchange market. Moreover it also examines the validity of capital assets in Palestinian stock market. Thus, ordinary least square (OLS) is used to analyze data variables and to test the research hypotheses. The empirical result reveals that the intercept term of individual companies is insignificantly different from zero and the slope is equal to the excess return of market index. This...

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The Effect of Italy’s Sovereign Debt Downgrades on Stock Returns

There are few studies that take into consideration the effects of the Italian rating downgrade in the context of the current crisis. This paper aims to identify which sovereign debt downgrades have had the highest impact on the stock market. More specifically, the study analyzed a sample of shares belonging to the key sectors, that is, finance, technology, fashion, food and beverage and health sectors. In addition, the analysis was conducted in order to verify if the “border downgrades” have...

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Lead Lag Relationship between Nifty Index Futures and Spot Market

Derivatives were introduced in Indian securities market as it offers various benefits like price discovery, efficiency and transparency. This paper analyses lead lag relationship between Nifty Index futures and Nifty Index spot prices. By taking daily price data from 4-06-2000 to 05-02-2015 of Nifty Index futures and Nifty index cash market price, we have tried to understand whether Nifty futures prices leads the spot market price or vice versa. By using cointegration test, granger causality test,...

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Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism and Its Effectiveness in the Banking System of Pakistan

The role of monetary policy is vague in the sense that the nature of macroeconomic variables is dynamic. This fact of dynamicity has made it difficult to capture the exact notion of the behavior of macroeconomic variables. This study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the monetary policy transmission mechanism in the banking system of Pakistan. The study also looked into the magnitude at which tools of monetary policy transmission mechanism affects economic growth in Pakistan. With...

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Measuring the Learning Outcomes and Critical Thinking: The Case of Saudi Accounting Students

Assessing the achievement of learning goals is essential part of every business program and school to prepare students for the future. There is an agreement among the experts that class room time should be rationalized and student should spend also their time for the critical thinking. There is a great demand for students having the attributes of critical thinking who can meet the expectation of advance technology savvy employers. In response to the demand of the stakeholders, accounting schools...

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Saudization and the Nitaqat Programs: Overview and Performance

The limited success of Saudization program in curbing the unemployment of Saudi Nationals led to the introduction of a supplemental program called the “Nitaqat” in 2011. This paper gives an overview of the Saudization and Nitaqat programs. It also examines the performance of the Saudization program pre and post Nitaqat. Data show that Nitaqat has led to a significant increase in the number of Saudis employed in the private sector. However, it has not been able to reduce the unemployment rate...

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