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Causality Analysis between Inflation, Budget Deficit and Money Supply: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh

Developing countries across the globe have always shared the misfortune of being unable to finance their proposed government expenditures using their public revenues. As a result, a budget deficit is a common feature of all underdeveloped nations, to which Bangladesh is no exception. Conventional economic notion asserts that rising gap between government’s expenditure and revenue creates pressure to enhance money supply in the economy which in turn may trigger the domestic rate of inflation. In...

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Measured Difference of Organizational Trust among Community College Employees

Organizational trust of employees requires a multidimensional tool to align with a multidimensional construct. The short version of the Organizational Trust Inventory (OTI), a two part and twelve question quantitative survey was distributed to employees at a multi-campus and regional community college. Descriptive characteristics of the employees such as rank, gender, campus affiliation, race, age, and tenure were used to determine whether there was a difference in organizational trust based on those...

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Measuring Supply Chain Performance of Knitting Industry

The purpose of this study is to measure the supply chain performance of the knitting industry in Bandung city by investigating the key factors that determine the industrial successes. This research used quantitative research by measuringits drivers’ metrics. The result found that the industry is on the poor stage that should be noticed. This research is expected to provide benefits for the development of the knitting industry through improvement in each existing drivers’ metrics. Further research...

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The Effects of Dynamic Empowerment Characteristics on Organization Vitality: A Test of a Causal Model

The objectives of this paper are twofold the first objective is to ascertain the empowerment related critical characteristics. Based on the organization research work the Dynamic Empowerment Characteristics(DECs) include empowerment, the readiness for empowerment (change management literature) and organization responsiveness (strategic management literature).The second objective is to test a causal model of the effects of the DECs on Organization Vitality (OV). Therefore, the paper opted for a causal...

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Predictors Influencing Local Council Officers’ Level of Integrity

Integrity deficiency issues still persist up until this day, in which they are not showing any signs of reduction. The current study hence aims to examine whether possible factors, namely leadership, code of ethics, and moral awareness would increase the level of integrity among civil servants, particularly in Malaysian public sector. Primary data was collected via questionnaire responses, in which these questionnaires were distributed to local councils. These local councils consist of city councils,...

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Factors Influencing the Business Success of Retail Fashion Houses: A Study from Bangladesh Perspectives

The fashion industry is a dynamic one because of its diversified nature of innovation. Fashion houses with designer wears are the hubs of this industry while the fashion conscious, design literate and style savvy customers ultimately decide the fate of their business success. Increased demand from such independent and well-travelled shoppers has particularly compelled the retail fashion houses to source brands of unique and exclusive designer wears. Thus, competition has increased among the retail...

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Segmenting the Canadian Hockey Market: An Exploratory Study

A segmentation study was conducted to investigate the motivational factors of spectators of hockey games in Canada. Social identity and certain motivational factors were used to understand hockey fan behavior. A survey was conducted, and the results were analyzed using principal component and K-means cluster analysis. Based on the results, the study grouped survey participants into five segments: “Rational/Selective Fans”, “Genuine-passionate fans”, “Indifferent hockey fans”, “Rational/passionate...

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The Determinants of IFRS Coverage in the Undergraduate Accounting Curricula

Academics have received mixed messages for over a decade concerning if, when, and how International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will be implemented in the United States, and those uncertainties have left many accounting departments in a quandary. Currently, as the SEC continues to consider whether IFRS should be mandated for U.S. companies, collegiate accounting students are graduating with varying degrees of IFRS knowledge. This correlational research study utilized a quantitative method...

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Effective Demand for Water Supply Service: The Case of Johor Water Company in Malaysia

This study assesses the residential customers’ preferences for water services in Johor State. The Johor Water Company (SAJH) is a privatised company that provides water from the source to the household. Choice modelling (CM) was applied as a tool for the assessment of effective demand for improved water supplies, particularly by residential customers. The findings indicate that customers are willing to pay for water service improvements. Additionally, the significant variables affecting demand...

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Does Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Really Affect Company Image and Stock Price? Evidence from an Emerging Market SET 100 Index

This study examined the importance of corporate social responsibility disclosure (CSR) in an emerging capital market, Thailand, by analysing the association between the level of corporate social responsibility disclosure of Thai listed companies, a company’s image, and its stock price. Corporate social responsibility disclosure was measured by means of a disclosure index. Corporate brand valuation was used as a proxy for company image. Company stock price was measured by a company’s stock price...

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