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Job Security, Economic Uncertainty and Climate Change and their Influence on Ski Industry Workers in Japan

The Alpine Ski industry is largely populated by a seasonal workforce that provides a range of skills from customer service to logistics and resort management. Increased economic uncertainty following the global financial crisis has resulted in a downturn in skiing participation and this has increased pressures on the availability of seasonal work within the Alpine industry. Furthermore, climate change is having a detrimental impact on the amount and quality of snow cover effectively reducing the...

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Physical Productivity versus Financial Efficiency: a Case Study of Major Airports in the Asia Pacific Region

This study tries to figure out the difference between the physical productivity and the financial efficiency among major airports in the Asia-Pacific region using the data of 11 airports for the period 2001-2013. Based on the super-SBM, 4 different efficiency scores are measured and the origins of the differences of them are identified through the calculation of correlation coefficients. Another findings are that the market in the region is led by the airports in China and neighbors in terms of efficiency,...

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Consequences of Performance Measurement System: The Case of Sri Lankan Water Board

The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which PMS influences employee behavior, organizational capabilities, and organizational performance. A questionnaire was used to collect data from 223 managerial employees of Sri Lankan Water Board. PMS was tested against employee behavior, organizational capabilities, and organizational performance via regression analysis. The findings of this study revealed moderate positive relationship between PMS and its consequences. The relationships...

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Understanding the adoption of Social media in the Australian Healthcare Sector: A Meta Analytical Approach

The use and application of social media in the healthcare industry is attracting the attention of the researchers worldwide. The usage and application of social media in health communication has presented a new dimension in healthcare for potentially improving health outcomes. However, there has been widespread critique of its application due to the lack of sufficient information, and grounded with a common myth that social media is limited to social interaction and has not found a beneficial usage...

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Training, Job Satisfaction, POS and Service Quality: The Case of Malaysia

This study is conducted to examine the role of job satisfaction and perceived organizational support as a mediator in the relationship between training and service quality. The data of this study has been collected from 222 public sector employees in Malaysia and their supervisor through survey. The results from data analysis shows that both predictions were not supported by the analysis. However, this study found a significant relationship between training and job satisfaction, and between training...

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Who Gets The Most Persuaded from Green Marketing?

Previous studies proved that there are similarities between regulatory focus and self-construal. The motivations of independent self-construal state are similar to promotion focus, while interdependent self-construal state shares motivations with prevention focus. In the present study, contrasting research findings on the relationship with pro-environmental marketing and receivers’ regulatory focus, and self-construal were uncovered. In the research findings on the relationship between pro-environment...

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Empirical Research on the Influence of Negative Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Brand Switching Behavior

Virtual community produces a new social model and consumption actions, which greatly affect an individual’s network consumption behavior. This research investigated electronic word-of-mouth (EWOM) in virtual communities and examined the influence of negative EWOM on the switching behavior of consumers. Based on the analysis of the extant theory, we proposed the elements of virtual community involvement, negative EWOM’s strength, consumer brand switching behavior, and complaint reaction. Subsequently,...

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Cross-Culture Management: An Empirical Examination on Task and Relationship Orientations of Dutch and Omani Working Adults

Cross-culture management scholars have suggested that contextual factors such as culture can impact one’s leadership orientations. This paper uniquely investigates the leadership orientations, which include task and relationship orientations, of people in the Netherlands and Oman. Through the analysis of 396 responses including 208 respondents from the Netherlands and 188 respondents from Oman, it appears that Omani working adults are more taskoriented than Dutch working adults. Gender is not a...

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Role of JIT Principles in a Dyadic Supply Relationship- A System Dynamics Simulation Analysis

In today’s changing business environment, supply chain management is a significant source of gaining competitive advantage. Competitive advantage can be obtained by virtue of competing on price, quality, and time to deliver, which can be attained by exploring and elimination of the sources of waste in different stages of the production process. This paper focuses on studying the impact of implementing Just in Time (JIT) technique in a dyadic supply relationship on inventory, cost, and profits....

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From Motor Biking to Public Transportation, What Matters in Hanoi?

The process of urbanisation brings a number of environment and transportation challenges to fast growing economies such as Vietnam. With a total number of 6 million registered vehicles (more than 80% are motorbikes), transportation is one of the biggest issues to deal with in the cities. Apart from daily traffic congestion and high accident rate, the sources of air pollution in its capital city, Hanoi have been proven to come mainly from motorbikes. It is also the most polluted city in South East...

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