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Consumer Green Purchasing Intention: A Case in Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Scholars in green marketing expected the market for environmentally friendly products would mature and substantially expand after the year 2000. Today, although many people express their concern about the environment, environmentally friendly products are still not the first choice for most consumers. Grounded in the Theory of Planned Behaviour, this research investigates the factors which may influence consumers’ decision when buying energy-saving light bulbs. Descriptive norm, self-identity and...

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New Insights on the Relationships between Geographic and Institutional Distance in Research Collaborations: A Long Period Analysis

This paper analyses the relationship between institutional distance and geographic distance in scientific collaborations, evaluating the possible changes when a long period (sixteen years: from 1990 to 2005) is taken into consideration. It also discusses the use of some alternative measurements of institutional distance. The main result, obtained by analysing the publications of the Italian biotech firms, is that international publications present a higher institutional distance than national papers,...

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On A New Impression Management Technique

Materiality matrices are a relatively new tool largely developed by professional bodies to identify the economic, social and environmental issues that matter to stakeholders. Through a preliminary empirical study, this paper aims to examine whether firms use these matrices as a new impression management technique to project a more favorable image of their social and environmental performance. Our findings indicate conspicuous incidences of impression management from a high materiality convergence...

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Volatility of Socially Responsible Investments in Australia

Socially responsible investment (SRI) has become increasingly popular in recent years, as there is strong evidence showing SRI is less volatile and generates higher returns than traditional investments. This paper examines how volatility is spilled over from stocks and bond markets into the Australian SRI market. We employ TGARCH model from 1994 to 2015 and find that the Australian SRI market is positively influenced by domestic stock market. Furthermore, we find that the Australian SRI market is...

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Macroeconomic Variables and Validity of PPP Theorem: An Examination of Panel Unit Root Method

The main purpose of this paper is to examine the validity of purchasing power parity between a group of countries based on macroeconomics variables namely, high/low income and the highest GDP per capita over the period 2005Q1-2015Q4. Four types of panel unit root methods, namely Levin, Lin and Chu (LLC), ADF-Fisher, PP-Fisher and Im, Pesaran and Shin (IPS) had been used to test the unit root in real exchange rates. The results of common unit root test LLC found evidence in favor of the validity of...

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Taxable Income Differential between Foreign- and Domestic Companies in Saudi Arabia

The purpose of this research is to determine whether a difference exists in the tax paid, in relation to revenue differentials between domestic oil companies in Saudi Arabia compared to foreign-owned oil companies operating in the country due to transfer pricing policies. The sample of companies to be used are 13 domestic companies and 8 foreign companies. The research conducted by Borvornboonrutai (2001) utilized various linear regression formulas in order to understand the variables that are associated...

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Optimization of the Double Crossover Strategy for the S&P500 Market Index

The contribution of behavioral finance in the investor’s world cannot be fully justified without the existence and use of technical indicators which are all clear indications of investors’ representativeness and availability bias. Existing literature on technical analysis based trading systems are abundant where some studies have concluded the use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis techniques in stock trading strategies, with a preference over the former in predicting turning points....

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The Audit Firm Performance: A Study of Non-Big 4 Firms in Thailand

This research examined the relationships between antecedences (audit risk management effectiveness: ARM) and consequences (audit firm value: AFV) of audit firm performance (AFP). The 427 completed data were collected from Non-Big 4 in Thailand by questionnaire. Regression statistic technique is chosen for analyzing. A result shows that audit firm risk management effectiveness overall significant positively relationships with audit firm value and audit firm performance. Besides, audit firm performance...

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Examining the Effects of Book-Tax Differences on Stock Price Manipulations

Previous studies have reached varying conclusions regarding the implications of earnings management using conventional measurements. Addressing these inconsistencies, this study examines 8,723 firm-years from 2004-2010 and develops a measure of earnings management from book-tax differences that reflects both accruals management and taxable income related earnings manipulations. The new measurement is shown to be more comprehensive than conventional earnings management measures focusing on accruals...

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Impact of Oil and Gas Price Shocks on Stock Market: The Case of Egypt

The main objective of this paper is to determine the effect of the oil and natural gas price volatility on the equity market of an energy producing country under uncertainty. Our study was conducted on Egypt, a main producer and supplier of energy, and a country facing political uncertainty. We aimed at highlighting the effect that the Arab spring had on the Egyptian equities market by dividing our initial period that spanned from June 2005 to May 2014 into two distinct periods. The results showed...

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