Post-Acceptance Activities

Post-Acceptance Activities

Post-Acceptance Activities

Fees and Charges:

There is no fee for submission of the paper. However, author is required to pay Paper Processing fee after the paper is accepted .Such fee is a flat charge which varies from US$ 250 to US$ 400 depending on the length of the paper .This fee generally covers the entire cost of the publication process , printing and distribution process. This includes editing, printing (for print copy), publishing, getting DOI, indexing, maintaining and archiving, editing and uploading of the paper in the website plus postal and handling cost (for print journal).

Assignment of DOI

The Zant World Press would endeavor to assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each article after it is approved by CrossRef. This number stays forever. This number is required when a paper is in publication process after acceptance and is required to be cited by other authors.


In order to publish the article without any errors and mistakes , proof reading is a must do act. Author is required to check grammatical errors, correctness of the text, tables, figures and oderly presentation of the materials and text. There must not be new paragraphs or new materials or text in the article once it is accepted by the editor. There is fee-based prfof reading services and on request, the publisher will send the name of the proof readers who are not the staff member of the ZWP. The author is responsible for any charge.


The IRBRP is not an open access journal. However, the readers can have free access to the abstract of the article. Corresponding author will have access to the full text versions of the research papers via the dedicated website. Only corresponding author will get offprints and a copy of the print journal without any charge. However, co-authors can have additional printed copy or offprints for extra charge which varies from US$30-50 per copy. After 36 months, any paper will be made open for any reader who can freely down load the paper without any payment.


All articles published by the ZWP will be archived by Zantdatabase. After 36 months, they will be archived by CLOCKSS ( see