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Effect of Corruption on Socio-economic Development: Evidence from South Asia

Corruption creates friction in the economic system and acts as a barrier to economic development and progressive social change of an economy. However, there exists conflicting views in literature regarding the effect of corruption on development. The purpose of our study is to investigate the effect of corruption on the economic as well as social development of an economy. Based on a sample of four countries in South Asia, namely, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the period 1995-2015,...

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Volatility Risk-Pricing and Stock Returns In Emerging Market: Evidence from Nigeria

The paper investigates the role of both systematic volatility (SVol) and idiosyncratic volatility (IVol) in asset pricing over the sample period 2005 to 2017 in the Nigerian Stock Market. Systematic volatility is measured by the standard deviation of past daily price returns and idiosyncratic volatility is measured by the standard deviation of residuals from the Augmented Fama and French three (A-FF3) factor model. The paper adopts a parametric methodology consisting of the least square estimation technique...

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Investment Choices, and Risk-adjusted Performance Measures with Skewness

Asset returns are involved with multi-dimensional risks and therefore any good risk-adjusted performance measure (RAPM) should incorporate these risks. We extend the risk-adjusted performance measure theory developed by Xiang, Liu and Wang (2012) to include multiple risks. The following models are derived in this paper: a RAPM with skewness under individual equilibrium for an individual investor, a RAPM that comprises the skewness under market equilibrium for all investors using a three-moment asset pricing...

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Analyzing the Factors Affecting Long-Term Relationship between Manufacturers and Retailers

In a retailing environment, the relationship between retailers and manufacturer is a two-way relationship with the focus on a mutually beneficial principle. Retailers are working as a medium for these firms to make sure that products are available for consumers in any corners of the country. As a result, a manufacturer can focus more on production, marketing, and supplementary strategies to achieve their objectives. A manufacturer needs to understand the significance of retailers in reaching its...

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An Empirical Investigation of Globalization and Energy Consumption: Evidence from Bangladesh

Globalization is referred to as a medium of the integration of national economies across the world whereby markets of different origins integrate and operate into a single market. Liberalization policies, particularly with respect to international trade, are believed to attribute to the globalization drives between nations. In addition, globalization has empirically been associated with the global energy market development which is a pre-requisite for development of economies across the globe. Therefore,...

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Parental Education for Children’s L2 Performance: An Impact Analysis

Various studies in the field of parental influence on children’s educational success have confirmed that the parental, familial and surrounding environment of a learner affects his overall educational success. In this connection, this study intends to look into whether there is any corresponding relation between the level of parental education and their children’s academic performance in second language. To achieve such objective, data have been collected from secondary level students who belong...

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Protecting Coastal Households from Catastrophic Health Expenditure: An Empirical Investigation

An effective health measure is a pre-requisite for minimizing the losses of lives of coastal people and also mitigates the health sufferings from the devastating effects of climate change. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) plays a vital role to tackle health problems with the full spectrum of services of good quality according to need and at an affordable cost to coastal people. This study explores the determinants of UHC and examines their effectiveness in the coastal society. To fulfill the research objective,...

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Supply Chain Management System of the Real Estate Industry (REI): A Study from Bangladesh Perspectives

Like many other countries of the world, growing population and migration from rural to urban areas have also created enormous challenges for habitation in Bangladesh. All these necessitated the emergence of the Real Estate Industry (REI) with opportunities and by translating these challenges into opportunities through its supply chain stakeholders. With this end in view, the current study aims to investigate the supply chain management system of the REI in Bangladesh. From the review of literature,...

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Waqf Management Practices: Case Study in a Malaysian Waqf Institution

There has been an increased public interest in waqf institution transparency and accountability. The public has continued to demand the best standard of services and greater transparency from waqf institutions. Recent cases of frauds and financial manipulations by the management of faith-based institutions in Malaysia have led to the demand of more accountability and transparency by the donors and the public. As such, this paper aims to examine in-depth on waqf management practices in waqf institutions...

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