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Covered Arbitrage Opportunities – A Filipino Perspective

This paper examines the arbitrage opportunities from Filipino Investors’ perspective in relation to their main trading partner, Japan. The study has been conducted with data between 1994-2013. Findings suggests absence of IFE and PPP. The exchange rate is affected by 1346 macro-forces. Investors or consumers should conduct a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to identify trends. Dominant higher real-interest rates and cheaper commodities at home suggest the local market to be stable,...

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Sustainability and Internal Control Systems in the Food and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Sustainability in the food and the pharmaceutical industry has become a hot topic as the several cases of malpractice reported by worldwide media in recent years shows. This research aims at identifying the reasons for the diffusion of non-ethically sustainable practices in these sectors, by evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s internal controls. To achieve this aim, a content analysis was performed considering the largest European pharmaceutical and food companies, listed on one or more...

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International Fund Inflows, Economic Growth and Health Care Development: The Case of Bangladesh

Inflow of foreign currencies is believed to generate multidimensional impacts in shaping the economy of the recipient nations, particularly the underdeveloped nations that are unable to finance their development investments. To the best of knowledge, no previous study has focused simultaneously on all the four sources of foreign inflows and their individual effects on Bangladesh’s economic growth and healthcare development prospects. This paper fills this gap by investigating the effectiveness...

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Demographic Changes and Housing Prices: The Case of New England

This paper investigates the relation between housing prices and demographics in the U.S., using New England as sample. The authors find that there is a significantly negative relation between housing prices and a relatively ageing population during 1991-2010, after controlling for the significantly positive effect of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. It is also found that the changing demographic effect is more pronounced in the period of 2001-2010 in which the baby boomer generation became...

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Foreign Aid and Female Education: The Case of Bangladesh

In a developing country like Bangladesh, which is one of the most promising emerging economies, it is absolutely crucial that investment is being made in order to groom the labor force of tomorrow. Achieving universal primary education is the second United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG). However, research reveal that the enrolment rate in education for both male and female will lead one to believe that Bangladesh is far behind its contemporaries. This is why the trend of the percentage...

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Governance, Corporate Reputation and Intellectual Capital Disclosure

This study focuses on developing a conceptual framework for examining determinants that influence intellectual capital reporting and relies on a critical review of the literature. Indexed journals are reviewed, and evidence is drawn to develop a model examining possible determinants of intellectual capital reporting. Data for the study was gathered from the annual reports of 40 banks listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Findings of the paper established a corporate reputation as a significant positive...

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Co-Integration Analysis of Macroeconomic Variables as Determinants of Equity Market Premium

Stock market of any country plays a vital rule in discovering the economic development and growth progress. The industrial growth and its importance cannot be overlooked in economic growth. Companies issue share to generate capital for their expansion and new opportunities. Investment in stock market not free of risk and investor always demand for high return due to the risk they are taking. In this research the equity premiumand its determinants are highlighted. The equity premium has been calculated...

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Relationship between Government Expenditure and National Income: The Case of Bangladesh

Public expenditure is considered as an integral part of economic growth. Comprehending the link between public expenditure and economic growth has created some arguments among researchers at both empirical and theoretical levels. However, to the best of our knowledge there is no paper till now to address the issue whether government expenditure has increased national income or national income has increased government expenditure in Bangladesh. Hence, the main purpose of conducting this paper is to...

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Residual Dividend Policy: The Case of Bangladesh

The study explores the preference for Residual Dividend Policy among companies in a developing country setting. This study examines the data for 59 companies listed on the Chittagong Stock Exchange. The companies were selected using the Selective Index Method. The study period was from 2002 to 2013. A mix of statistical techniques including the t-test has been applied to examine the preference for following the Residual Dividend Policy. The results demonstrate that the selected companies generally...

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