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Does the Relationship between Manager and Employee Affect the Employees’ Propensity to Recommend Their Manager?

Unhappy employees are increasing alarming and bad management has been recognised as one of the most influential reasons of disengagement at work. Managerial behaviours may influence the quality of the relationship between managers and employees relevantly, with a strong impact on employees’ engagement. The present study aims to answer the following question: does the relationship between manager and employee affects the employees’ propensity to recommend their manager? Our proposal is based on...

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Determinants of Tax Compliance Behaviour: The Case of Sri Lankan Taxpayers

This study examines the determinants of individual taxpayers’ tax compliance behavior in Sri Lanka under new tax laws enforced in 2018 using data collected through a structured questionnaire from a sample of 384 individual taxpayers in Sri Lanka. Findings derived through a regression analysis reveal a significant portion of individual taxpayers’ tax compliance behavior in Sri Lanka is explained by variables such as tax rate, fines and penalties and fairness and transparency of the tax system....

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Factors Impacting Effective Management of Web based Service: A Study on the Banking Industry of Bangladesh

The advent of web technology has revolutionized the business expansion process of commercial organizations from the conventional marketplace to modern online marketspace. This has further been accelerated since 2009 with the promulgation of the ‘Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021’ of the country. Thereafter, the supportive initiatives of the Government have increased the use of web technology among the mass people and the organizations irrespective of their nature of size and operation. The banks...

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The Cross-Section of Expected Returns: A Case of over Aggregation

Beta, as a measure of risk, is used by many investors and academicians for forecasting the expected earnings. Fama and French (1992) first used data of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), and National Automated Security Dealers Automated Quotes (NASDAQ) from July 1963 to December 1990 in the univariate regression model. They formed ten size-based portfolios and then divided each of these ten portfolios into ten sub-portfolios based on beta. They found that the size-beta...

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Global Review of Accounting and Finance ISSN: 1838-1413 (Print) and ISSN: 1838-5915 (Online) Publisher: Zant World Press, Australia The Global Review of Accounting and Finance (GRAF) is an international peer review journal which focuses on the empirical research relating to wide areas of accounting and finance. It aims at furthering knowledge of accounting and finance through academic research. It provides a forum for the publication of the highest quality manuscripts relating to broad field of...

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Perception of Occupational Risk: The Case of Garments Workers in Bangladesh

This study investigated occupational risk perceived by garments workers of Bangladesh. It seeks to focus on factors generating risk for workers. The risks are calculated based on the probability and severity level of the hazard generating factors. Random samples of 105 workers working in different sections of garments factories have been surveyed on a structured questionnaire for this research. SPSS Factor analysis reduced data to identify significant and highly correlated factors among 19 variables...

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Customer Orientation through Digital Media: The Case of Decorative Paint Sector of Bangladesh

Introduction of convergence technologies in the digital media has made the latter acutely competitive marketspace for the corporates irrespective of industries. Active and interactive participation of the mass people in such media engagement has further fuelled this competition among the market players. Hence, customer orientation through digital media has become an important strategic approach for the corporates to establish their leadership in the respective domains. The corporates of the decorative...

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International Review of Business Research Papers ISSN: 1837-5685 (Print) and ISSN: 1832-9543 (Online) Publisher: Zant World Press, Australia The International Review of Business Research Papers (IRBRP) aims at publishing original empirical and theoretical research papers that have a great impact on all the disciplines of business. It provides a platform for multidisciplinary academia, researchers and students for advancement of knowledge in the field of accounting, banking, finance, economics, management,...

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Network Resilience and Assessment of the Credit Granting Policy

Within the credit risk context, this paper shows how the knowledge of the network’s structure, implicit in the relationships between a bank’s customer firms, can help to understand whether, and to what extent, the difficulties of one firm can produce negative effects on the others via a contagion mechanism. The aim of the paper is to propose a new approach never implemented in the literature that is useful for bank managers and Regulatory Authorities. For this purpose, we study the network’s...

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