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Automatic Vehicle Safety to Prevent Forward Collision

It is an automated vehicle safety system that can assist during journey to prevent expected forward collision. This collision avoidance system includes a sensor arrangement to detect front vehicle(s). The arrangement is powered by an ultrasonic motion sensor to receive information from the detected object (e.g. Vehicle), this processed information force the brake paddle through a motor if equipped vehicle is in the proximal distance at which collision is imminent. Brake shall continue unless the...

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The Engineers Role in Climate Change Mitigation

Engineers are recognized to be one of the major actors of development. As the custodian of build environment, Engineers have to be well equipped with the recent concurrent issues for exploring technology, wisdom and insight to serve the nation. Professional institutes are the platform of the technology for exchange, sharing and extension of knowledge management. Bangladesh has been recognized as the worst victim of climate change. Climate change issues should be incorporated in future infrastructural...

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Assessment of Future Flow of Hatirjheel- Begunbari Drainage System due to Climate Change

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has experienced water logging for last couple of years as the storm water drainage systems are often unable to manage peak runoff volume. Moreover, precipitation intensity and pattern are expected to be altered due to climate change and such changes are likely to lead to severe flooding in urban areas of Bangladesh. This study aims to assess the effect of climate change on flow of Hatirjheel- Begunbari Khal storm water drainage system as it is considered one of the...

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A Brief Overview and Systematic Approch for Using Agricultural Robot in Developing Countries

To ensure the food security it is imperative for all countries to consider on agriculture sector in high priority as numbers of people are increasing in every year but the agricultural field remains same. As a result robotics and automation systems are extensively applied to agricultural sector. Several motivations are behind the investment to incorporate robotics in agricultural sectors like decreasing labor forces, saving time and cope up with the high product demand. Apart from those, increasing...

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Design and Development of SMS Based Wireless Home Appliance Control and Security System

The rapid change in the wireless communication service and technology has made it possible to decrease the cost for communication and also to incorporate this technology with our daily life. Based on SMS/GPRS mobile device and embedded module including the self-organized home automation system, it can be integrated to allow the user end to control the home appliances and devices and to monitor the home surveillance system. In this paper a new concept of using a small mobile phone as a handy device...

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Telemedicine System for Financially Unstable People of Bangladesh

Telemedicine is the process of delivering service and exchanging information related to health care issues across distance. Telemedicine is all about a procedure or system where patients get help from doctors at home. Interaction between the patient and the doctor through different media like, audio, video, video call, image and information exchanging by web, mobile and internet technology is also a mean of telemedicine. In this paper we are presenting a telemedicine model which we are developing...

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Energy Understanding Device (EUD): An Innovative Energy Metering and Monitoring Solution: Perspective Bangladesh

The present system of energy metering as well as billing in Bangladesh which uses electromechanical and digital energy meters are error prone and inefficient to some extent. Still, the Bangladeshi power sector faces a serious problem of revenue collection due to energy thefts and poor management of vital energy usage information. The aim of this project is to minimize the hassle related with electricity billing and energy wastage by taking enough data of usage amount of electricity and making it...

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Basic Approach of an Electrical Safety Assessment in RMG Industries: Development of Electrical Hazards

Electrical assessment for safety is a recognized tool in the Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standards and in demonstrating due diligence to Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. By this system identifying potential electrical hazards to prevent or minimize the loss of life and property is perceived seriously. In this paper we have studied the requirements not only to reduce the risk of potential breakdowns and unplanned maintenance but also to bring further added value...

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Towards Sustainable Energy Development in Bangladesh- The Perspective of Renewable Energy Technology

Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the quantity of energy used. Energy conservation may result in increase of financial capital, national security, personal security, and human comfort and also to increase environmental value. Use of fossil fuels contributes to air and water pollution and also global warming of the earth. This is why the human settlement pattern that supports contemporary civilization must become the focus of every energy consumption and energy conservation discussion....

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Noise Pollution in Major Places in Dhaka and Proposing a Device to Keep Noise Log

This study attempts to build awareness to the noise pollution level of our city and also cultivate the areas of Dhaka city that are prone to health and environmental hazards in terms of noise pollution, by taking readings of certain locations in Dhaka city (Residential and commercial), and comparing it with the standard stated thresholds of DOE (Bangladesh department of environment). The purpose here is not only to analyze how good or bad the current noise level is but also to understand exactly...

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