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Effect of Education on Gross Domestic Product: A Case Study from US ‘Mid-West’

This paper examines the effect of secondary and tertiary education on the level and growth of real GDP per-capita to explain the increasing gap of average level of real GDP between the ‘Mid-West’ and the ‘Non MidWest’ in the United States. Using the data for fifty one states in the United States between 1980 and 2010, this paper finds that both secondary and tertiary education have significant positive effect on the level of real GDP per-capita. However, tertiary education has a higher effect...

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The Nexus of Corruption and Growth: Empirical Evidence from the 4 Asian Tiger Economies

In this paper, we use the panel vector autoregression (PVAR) model to examine the corruption-economic growth nexus in the 4 Asian Tiger economies (Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) over the period 1995 – 2011. We found that corruption has a significant effect on the economic growth rate. The results based on PVAR model shows that every 1 point improves in the corruption perceptions index score results in a 5 percent increase on GDP growth rate. Meanwhile, the degree of economic freedom...

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The Effect of Empowerment on Performance: An Empirical Study in China’s Banking Industry

Current research has explored that empowerment from managers helps improve employees’ performance through intrinsic motivation at Western context. However, this relationship has not been studied using data from China. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether empowerment from managers contributes to individual job performance of employees through intrinsic motivation of employees in banking industry of Chinese context. Data is collected from 260 employees of three banks, totally 14 branches...

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An Empirical Analysis of Service Sector Growth in Selected Asian Countries

This is the first empirical study that models the growth performance of the service sectors in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia from 1995 to 2012. The comparative study examines the effects of variables on the expansion of the service sectors for the four countries. A simultaneous equations model is used to investigate the spillover effects between the service sectors and the manufacturing sectors. The findings illustrate a negative and significant effect of China’s manufacturing sector on...

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Differences in Service Quality of Retail Banking Between Auckland and Kuala Lumpur

The consciousness of service quality has been catching the light worldwide. The aim of this paper is to identify the differences in service quality of retail banking between Auckland and Kuala Lumpur. This research surveyed a sample of 236 bank customers from both places, consisting 115 New Zealander from Auckland and 121 Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur region. The results draw the clear differences in service quality of retail banking between Auckland and Kuala Lumpur in terms of latest service technology,...

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Perceived Supervisor Support as a Mediator between Organizational Justice and Trust in Supervisor: Evidence from Kuwaiti Banks

The purpose of this study is twofold. First, it explores the effect of employees’ perception of justice on trust in their supervisor in the context of performance appraisal. Second, it assesses the role of perceived supervisor support as a mediator between organizational justice and trust in the supervisor in a non-Western society such as Kuwait. A total of 415 employees working at different hierarchical levels in three major banks in Kuwait were surveyed. Hierarchical regression analysis was used...

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Assessing the Efficiency of the Indonesian Stock Market Using Sectoral Data: 1996-2013

We use eight major sector indices in the Indonesian stock market and employ parametric and non-parametric techniques to test for weak-form efficiency over an 18-year period and over three mutually exclusive and exhaustive sub-periods. We also calculate returns for a portfolio composed of the indices using a simple trading rule and compare the properties of those returns to a broad stock-market index. The results suggest the Indonesian stock market was not weak-form efficient over some sub-periods....

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Modelling Endogenous Growth under Trade Liberalization Regime: The Case of USA & China

This paper formulates an endogenous growth theoretical model of two frequently traded and economically integrated asymmetric countries: the United States and China. It contributes to the existing literature by analyzing technology accumulation, human capital accumulation and real GDP growth specifically under the scenario of final product trade, intermediate product trade, physical capital exchange, labor exchange, human capital exchange, as well as spillovers from technology and human capital. It...

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International Competitiveness as the Catalyst of Productivity

In this paper, international competitiveness (IC) is defined axiomatically as a catalyst of productivity. IC enhances national productivity but it is not consumed when interacting with production factors. In literature, the distinction between production factors and catalysts has not been yet analysed. We have modified the Solow model in such a way that it can account for the interactions of IC with physical capital or human capital. Therefore, IC, as a business school product, reaches a solid economic...

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An Analysis of Trade Potential between CARICOM and China: What Opportunities Exist for Increased Cooperation?

This paper examines the evolution of bilateral trade between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and China over the last decade (2004-2013) in order to quantitatively estimate trade potential. It aims to determine the extent and significance of current trade activity between CARICOM and China, as well as to unveil potential opportunities for increased trade cooperation. An empirical analysis is carried out using trade indices which reflect both partner-based and sectoral-based advantages. The results...

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