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The Moderating Effect of Social Performance Management on Relationship Marketing and Customer Retention

The importance of relationship marketing in managing customer relationships is widely researched with evidence abound of its potential to improve customer retention. However, despite employing relationship marketing programs, microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Kenya face challenges in customer retention. While retaining customers requires relationship marketing programs, there is growing body of literature on stakeholder management which suggests that apart from these programs, the social orientation...

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Investing in Success: Role of HRM Strategies on Performance Sustainability in the UAE Banking Industry

Purpose of this study is to analyze the role of HRM practices and strategies on performance sustainability in the banking industry of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has always debated that better human resource strategies, namely talent acquisition and development can always transform organizations through deploying and developing people using well designed strategies. A sample of 230 professionals employed in human resource management field in 47 banks were selected as sample to empirically validate...

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An Examination of Current Logistics Outsourcing Services in U.S. and Canada

This research aims to examine shippers’ current outsourcing decisions, enabling providers to differentiate themselves in the market. Based on 197 responses from practitioners, this research provides an empirical and comprehensive analysis of logistics practices, while examining the competence level of current outsourcing of these practices. The findings for this research can be broken down into five major areas: 1) logistics outsourcing priorities, 2) domestic logistics practices, 3) warehousing...

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Influences of Governance and Economic Development Level on Happiness in High Income Asian and European Countries

This study explores the relationship between governance and human development indicators with happiness using the panel data fixed effect and random effect estimation approach. Findings from the study stress on the importance of good governance in influencing life satisfaction. In a way, good governance stimulates happiness in a positive manner. Governments in developed countries in Asia and Europe may increase happiness and promote equality through enhancements in the quality of governance. This...

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Negative Information of Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Performance and Accounting Quality

Using Taiwanese high-tech industries as a sample, this study examines the effect of financial constraints and financial performance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance and the effect of CSR performance on accounting quality. Adopting CSR penalties as a proxy variable of CSR performance, this study finds that low financial leverage or high operating cash flow and return on assets may lead to a company receiving fewer CSR penalties. We also use the provision of a CSR report to measure...

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Conditional Value-At-Risk and Currency Hedging

This study evaluates the efficacy of the transaction exposure (value-at-risk, or VaR) for a multinational corporation (MNC) conducting business in sixteen specific currencies for the 2011-2016 time period. The approaches include traditional VaR (also called the variance-covariance approach), modified MVaR and conditional CVaR. More specifically, the maximum 1-day holding period loss is computed and compared across the three approaches to provide practical information to assist MNCs in understanding...

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Forecasting Power of Five CBOE Volatility Indexes for the Price Interval

This paper evaluates the forecasting power of five CBOE Volatility Indexes (VIX; VXN; OVX; EVZ; GVZ) for the price interval. For the period of June 2008- March 2017, this paper builds a series of one-month ahead price intervals of underlying asset with a band of ± 1 or 2 times of its daily volatility index. Then assesses whether each volatility index is a good estimator for the price interval through comparing its performance to that of the ex-post realized volatility and normal distribution benchmark....

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Credit Risk Management in the Banking Sector during Low-Growth Periods: Evidence from Lebanon

Credit risk management is considered one of the more difficult activities in the banking industry especially during periods of low growth. It is during those periods that default risk rises, and a large proportion of the banking industry’s loan portfolio becomes at risk of default. Consequently, it is the aim of this paper to investigate how the banking systems in the Middle East manage their asset quality during periods of low growth. This study examines a sample of Lebanese banks during a 6-year...

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