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A Combined Approach for Emotion Recognition using Bezier Curve and Facial Expression Analysis

Extracting and comprehension of emotion is of high significance for the collaboration among human and machine communication frameworks. The most expressive approach to show the human’s emotion is through facial expression analysis. Facial Expression is an acknowledged, non-nosy additionally skillful technique for communication that has been well thoroughly considered as a plausible cooperation of such interface. This paper introduces and actualizes an extraction and acknowledgment technique...

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River Ecosystem Restoration: In Perspective to Turag River

Turag River is an important lifeline for Dhaka city flowing through Gazipur, from north meeting Buriganga at the south. One of the importance of its existence is waterway transportation, carrying goods and a large number of construction materials like brick and sand. The paper upholds serious issues behind the river pollution. Due to the massive disposal of industrial wastes and garbage dumping, the river is suffocating in the presence of hazardous chemicals, dye and sewage water. On the other hand,...

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Experimental Study on The Strength and Behaviour of Concrete Infilled Light Gauge Steel Square Columns

An experimental study on the strength and behaviour of concrete infilled light gauge steel square columns(CFSSC) has been carried out. Six specimens of CFSSC and three specimens of SSC with and without transverse stiffeners were tested under concentric compressive load. Based on the experimental results, a parameter representing the increase in strength of the composite column due to addition of concrete and stiffeners is proposed. ...

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Assembly Line Balancing Using ACO Algorithm and RPW Method: A Comparative Case Study

Assembly Line balancing is one of the widely used basic principles in production system which improves the throughput of assembly line while reducing non value-added activities, cycle time and also ensures maximization of labor efficiency. Line balancing problem deals with the distribution of activities among the workstations for large scale production so that there will be maximum utilization of human resources and facilities without disturbing the work sequence. In an industrial environment to...

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Analysis of Speed Variations at School Zones in Bangladesh

School zones have been identified as vulnerable area due to lack of safety measures observed in Bangladesh. To ensure the safety of school going children, reduction of vehicle speed near school area is essential. For this purpose, average speed variation of vehicles in different time, different days of a week both on highway and arterial are investigated in this research. t-test was performed considering 90% confidence interval for both equal and unequal variances. Results indicate that average speed...

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Prospects and Problems of FTTx Deployment in Bangladesh by GPON Technology

Data growth in the Bangladeshi telecom market has reduced the prominence of traditional wire line broadband technologies such as digital subscriber line and cable modem. These technologies are not efficient enough to meet the customers’ demand for high-bandwidth applications such as high-speed internet access, video-on-demand, high definition TV, IPTV and online gaming. In this scenario, fibre-tothe- home (FTTH) technology, which offers advantages like high bandwidth capacity and the delivery of...

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Quantification of Condensate Water Generated from Air Conditioning System

Condensate water generated from air conditioning system is often treated as wastewater and discharged to the building drainage system. In this study, controlled experiments have been carried out to assess generation of condensate water under different weather and operational conditions. The most important parameters affecting condensate water generation are time, difference between outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity. The difference between outdoor and indoor humidity has been found to affect...

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A Manufacturing System Design for Transtibial Prosthetic with CBDM Process in Perspective of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the major challenges in producing highly customized products like prosthetics are the fulfillment of the demand in least possible time and cost. This study aims to mitigate these problems associated with the concurrent production system by incorporating Cloud Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM) which refers to a service-oriented collaborative product design and development model where service consumers are capable of selecting, configuring, and utilizing customized product manufacturing resources...

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Synthesis, Structural and Magnetic Properties of Chromium Substituted Mn-Zn Ferrite

Substitution of chromium in Mn-Zn ferrite and its effect on structural and magnetic properties has been studied. Samples were synthesized by combustion method and sintered at various temperatures (Ts). XRD patterns indicate that the samples are of single phase cubic spinel structure. The lattice parameter decreases with increase with substitution of Cr3+ content. Average grain size (D), bulk density (ρB), initial permeability (μi / ), Néel temperature (TN) decrease with the increase in chromium...

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