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Legal Risk Impact in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): The Case of the Chinese Water Sector

China is currently experiencing a rising demand for water, combined with limited funding availability for water project procurement. Consequently, local Chinese governments have sought procurement solutions by experimenting with public private partnerships (PPPs). However, the legal risk in PPPs, particularly in the water sector, remains high. Legal risk refers to risk arising from the legal and regulatory systems surrounding PPPs. Past research have identified legal risk in PPP projects in China...

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Using the Diversity Management Competencies Model to Manage Diversity Effectively

Past research has not provided a comprehensive model to manage diversity. This research paper seeks to build a comprehensive Diversity Management Competencies Model (DMCM) which identifies the competencies required to manage cultural diversity effectively in the workforce in Australia. Given the increasing levels of multiculturalism in Australian society, managers within any industry now need significantly more competencies to manage diversity effectively. The DMCM will help organizations and managers...

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Characteristics of Community Entrepreneurs in Chiangmai, Thailand

Tepsadej Sub-direct, Doisaket in Chiang Mai is the new natural attractions that can be developed as a tourist attraction. This natural resource has been conserved by community for more than 100 years and areas are mostly agricultural areas. Moreover, most of community entrepreneurs sell their own productive and products that can be found in the area. This research, then aims to discover entrepreneurs’ characteristics. Questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data through 113 entrepreneurs for...

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A Critical Review of Global Ombudsman System: A CSR Perspective

Businesses and governments are considered instrumental in driving economic growth of nations. The conduct of these actors in context is largely influenced by the regulations governing the action rather than moral duty towards autonomous individuals. Ethical CSR initiatives directed towards society lack the strength to penetrate the social fabric of unethical practices and compliance due to lack of institutional and government legitimacy and support. These issues are astute to successful CSR agendas...

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The Management of the Financial Collapse of Local Bodies and its Economic Impact: The Case of the Municipality of Taranto

The present work aims to offer a contribution to evaluate whether to adopt strategies based on state support or, alternatively, on the managerial autonomy of local bodies in financial trouble. The research, after analysing the main guidelines at European level, presents the results of an empirical investigation on the economic effects produced on local economy by the financial default of the Municipality of Taranto. The choice of the Municipality of Taranto is due both to the significant magnitude...

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MIS Strategy and Its Influence on the SMEs

New technology has impacted more benefits to firms to enhance their products and also to compete with other competitors in the global setting. The objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between the subjective norms, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of the product towards the MIS competency to maximize the utilization of resource management on global SMEs in Iran. The correlation test as well as regression analysis are performed using SPSS to identify these relationships....

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Workplace Bullying: The Perceptions of Canadian University Students

The purpose of this study was to determine whether future organizational leaders considered behaviors associated with workplace bullying to be ethical. The research question is; is there a difference between female and male Canadian university students‟ perceptions of the morality of workplace bullying behaviors? During a 6-month period, 300 undergraduate university students completed an online survey. The findings suggest that certain bullying behaviors are morally unacceptable and others as not. Field...

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Development of Organizational Commitment and Value Internalization

In this paper we explain the crucial role played by the processes of internalized motivation in the development of organizational commitment. Our research not only shows that the idealized influence transformational leadership style is causally linked to organizational commitment, but also that an internalization process of motivation operates as an explanatory causal mechanism. We focus on two forms of motivation: identified motivation and intrinsic motivation, which are associated with the internalization...

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A Quantitative Method for Ranking the Influence of Competitive Factors on Industrialised Building System (IBS) Decision-making

The number of building projects contemplating the integration of modern building methods such as Industrialised Building System (IBS) into their strategic plans and daily operations is continuously increasing. In order to evaluate competitive aspects that will effect IBS decision-making, this paper presents the test results of an IBS decision-making model. The rationality of this study is to explore the applicability of a three dimensional IBS decision model, defined as the symmetrical process, for...

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Globalization, Cultural Diversity and Organizational Commitment: Theoretical Underpinnings

Greater numbers of companies and individuals now work in the international business arena. Companies operating abroad inevitably hire and retain individuals with varying cultural backgrounds. Understanding how to manage these differences presents opportunities for gain. A thorough literature search indicates that no research to-date has explored the concept of organizational commitment and culture in an international business context, and thus this article is offered as a beginning point for new...

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