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The Maxims of Khona: A Contextual Study of Sustainability over Vernacular Architectural Practice of Bangladesh

Architecture is not an abrupt phenomenon; rather it was an adoption of creativity throughout the development stages of human being; where humanity finds its relation with greater surroundings. This ‘understanding’ involves observations; range from herbal treatments provided by native fauna, impact of climatic changes in different seasons to the vast imagination of astrology. The maxims related to vernacular architecture, belongs to subaltern astrologer Khona; which reflect human nature in general,...

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Effects of Private Credit and Capitalization Deepening on Economic Growth of the Asian Countries

This study examines patterns of the marginal effects of financial (private credit and market capitalization) deepening on economic growth of the Asian countries from 1980 to 2013. This study also tries to detect any occurrences of excessive finance, period – wise. Outcome of the study concludes that the strength of the finance – growth nexus has been vanishing or weakening, (sometimes negative) in more recent time data of the Asian countries. During the 2008 – post – crisis period when some international...

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Institutional Quality and Democracy: The Case of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has passed quite some time as a democratic country. During this time it has also tried to develop its economic institutional quality. However, a direct relationship between these two parameters is yet to be established at either theoretical or empirical level. This current study investigates the influences of economic institutions on democracy. Using data of 2002- 2014 and econometric methods of cointegration (based on Engle & Granger, 1987) we found that governance indicators such...

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Democracy and Economic Diversification: Experience from Bangladesh

This current study looks into the relationship between democracy and economic diversification for Bangladesh. Using arguments in the line of Johansen-Engel-Granger we find that as Bangladesh is becoming more politically diversified the economy is becoming less economically diversified. We also looked into export and import diversification and found that country wise export becomes more concentrated with democracy. For import we do not find any discernible trend. ...

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Effects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Bangladeshi Labor Market

Growth is a primary agendum for all developing countries. Bangladesh is no exception in this trend. Prior to 1980s, the country could heavily rely on official foreign aid to address its resource scarcity, but with the dwindling availability of foreign aid and increasing global economic integration, the country now treats Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a potential stimulus for rapid growth. However, investment from abroad is not quite benign in the sense that it interacts with local parameters...

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Customer Relationship Management and Service Quality: The Case of Grameen Bank

The study tries to analyze the need for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to increase customer value by using some analytical methods in CRM applications. The objective is to identify the key factors that influence the extent to which CRM helps to improve the service quality of the Grameen Bank (GB), Tarutia Branch, Tangail. To inspect customer’s satisfaction on service quality of the GB branch, the researchers used three CRM factors i.e. Communication, Interpersonal Relationship and Efficiency...

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Deming Management Method in the Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh

A good quality management system is crucial for a manufacturing organization to increase its competitiveness. Over the time, TQM has become a tactical instrument for manufacturing organizations to grow up and uphold in the vastly competitive business surroundings. Though, developing suitable base for TQM implementation is still the real challenge for an organization. The RMG industries of Bangladesh are using TQM without having any knowledge about it. This paper is designed to outline the application...

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Calibrating an Energy Augmented Real Business Cycle: The Case of Bangladesh

We simulate an energy augmented RBC model for Bangladesh, characterised by shocks to the Solow residual as well as energy price. The model in this paper is calibrated using annual data of 1980-2010 to examine the model’s ability to describe the dynamic structure of the Bangladesh economy. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to incorporate energy price shocks in the Real Business Cycle (RBC) model in the context of Bangladesh. Through the use of Impulse Response Functions (IRFs)...

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