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Impact of Organizational Climate on Intentions to Leave and Job Satisfaction

This study examines the impact of organizational climate on job satisfaction and intentions to leave of a higher educational institution. Organizational climate consists of four quadrants namely human relations, internal process, open systems, and rational goal. A total of 210 data was analyzed and path analysis was used to examine the relationship between organizational climate, job satisfaction, and intention to leave. The finding indicates that human relations, open systems, and rational goal...

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Effects of Psychological Contract Breach, Ethical Leadership and Supervisors’ Fairness on Employees’ Performance and Wellbeing

The aim of this conceptual paper is to propose pathways through which psychological contract breach, ethical leader behaviour, and supervisors’ fairness are related to employees’ attitudes, behaviours and wellbeing. The paper reviews extant literature and builds a logical framework depicting the interrelationships among psychological contract breach, ethical leader behaviours, and supervisors’ fairness, and how they are related to employees’ attitudes, behaviour and wellbeing. Initially,...

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An Empirical Analysis of Franchisee Satisfaction in Malaysia: An Agency Relationship Perspective

This study analyzed six qualitative variables that are hypothesized to influence franchisee satisfaction; i) franchisee’s previous job experience, ii) duration as a franchisee, iii) number of recruited franchisees, iv) businesstypes, v) the franchisor’s policies, vi) the franchisor’s services. The results show no significant differences in franchisee satisfaction among those with previous job experience, duration as a franchisee, number of recruited franchisees and business-types. However,...

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Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships: An Interaction Approach

The purpose of this paper is to examine franchise relationships by using an interaction approach which involves several exchanges or actor bonds between a franchisor and franchisee. The study is based on a web survey directed towards franchisees in Sweden. A total of 191 survey responses were obtained from a wide range of industries, representing a 16.2% response rate. A Pearson Correlation test was performed for the hypotheses. Results demonstrate a significant correlation on the impact which adaptations...

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An Assessment of the Impact of Perceived Brand Age on Brand Attitudes

Brand age related factors have been suggested to impact consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. Such relationships might have significant implications for marketing, branding, advertising researchers and practitioners. This study focuses on the impact of perceived brand age and consumers’ attitudes towards new products brought to the market by established and well-known brand names. To test and validate whether and how perceived brand age influences brand attitudes among the consumers, the investigation...

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Influence of Shouren Guanxi, Mianzi and Renqing on Ethical Judgement of Chinese Professionals

The present study explores the effect of Shouren Guanxi, mianzi and renqing on the ethical judgment of Chinese accounting professionals. A survey was designed to measure the likelihood of compromising professional integrity for maintaining a Shouren Guanxi, or for gaining face (mianzi), or for the obligation to reciprocate (renqing). The result reflects the dark size of Guanxi and reveals the possible reason for moral compromise. Based on the examination of these linkages, the present study attempts...

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New Product Sales Forecasting: An Approach for the Insurance Business

Product innovation is vitally important to the economic success of firms. In today’s deregulated European insurance markets, stagnating growth, increasing competition and new market entrants challenge insurance companies to innovate. At the same time, product innovation is a risky business with tremendous reported failure rates. In consumer goods and durable goods markets, quantitative sales forecasting models based on consumer response are an essential and widely accepted practice used to minimize...

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Chinese Tourists in Taiwan: Motivation and Satisfaction

The research aims to examine Chinese tourists’ motivation, travel characteristics and satisfaction in Taiwan. We investigated 335 Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan during December 2011 and January 2012, and the demographic background of respondents comply with the general structure of whole Chinese outbound tourists. The results showed that main motivation are releasing tension, exploring culture and sharing travel experience. Chinese tourists were most interested in sightseeing with coastal landscape,...

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Exploring the Impact of Organizational Culture on Paternalistic Leadership in Chinese SMEs

The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of organizational culture on paternalistic leadership in Chinese SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Based on pertinent researches and the four types of organizational culture identified by Competing Values Framework (CVF), this research formulated hypotheses concerning the impact of group, developmental, hierarchical and rational culture on benevolent, moral and authoritarian leadership. Data stem from 515 cases in 23 Chinese SMEs. The...

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Comparing the Investment Behavior of Diversified Versus Focused Firms: Insights from the Movie Industry

I compare the real investment behavior of diversified and focused firms using rich ex post project-by-project data for a comprehensive sample of projects in the movie industry. If diversified firms allocate resources more competently than focused firms because of the larger internal capital markets accompanying diversified firms, returns of projects by diversified firms would be more favorable than those for similar projects by focused firms. On the other hand, the reverse would hold if diversified...

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