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The Relationship between Demographic Characteristics and Organisational Commitment in Saudi Arabia

The study investigated how demographic characteristics influence well-educated, young employees and their commitment to the organisation. A sample of 376 managers from 23 international and local banks located in Saudi Arabia were surveyed and their responses analysed. The results revealed that while the respondents had a high level of organisational commitment, their demographic characteristics marginally influenced their commitment. The findings, therefore, suggest that demographic characteristics,...

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A Recessionary U.S. Economy Will be a Surprise: Declining the Rate of Growth of Profits and Other Indicators in 2018 Predicts a Slow Growth in the US Economy in the Coming Months

Recession is a built-in feature of the market economy; it is unavoidable but controllable. Almost all of the recent recessions have had the same chain of causes from the demand and supply sides and profit has been the first leading indicator to signal a sluggish U.S. economy. The recent economic slow growth began in the third and fourth quarters of 2015 but it did not start suddenly. It was a result of cumulating tensions built up in the expansion after the recession of 2007-2009. All economic indicators...

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Cultural Differences and Different Stimuli for Online Purchasing Intention

Several managerial and marketing research has investigated the primary antecedents/drivers involved in the online trust building process. The impact exerted by each of these stimuli on consumers’ purchase intentions, varies on the basis of the cultural characteristics of the country where the e-commerce store is available. Therefore, in order to use actively such stimuli it is important to understand possible relations between cultural differences and online purchasing antecedents. The study aims...

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The Impact of Risk, Uncertainty, and the Perceived Threat of Terrorist Attacks on Equity Markets

Information provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding potential terrorist attacks significantly affects U.S. equities. When the government announces heightened terror alert levels, investors’ perceptions of risk increase as measured by both conditional volatility of equity returns and implied volatility on Standard &Poor’s 500 Index options. We also find evidence that informed traders are more active when there is an increased threat of an attack; however, equity market...

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Food Demand of Different Socio-Economic Groups in Rural Bangladesh: A Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System

The present study is intended to explore and compare the food demand analysis of 1282 households combining of four dynamic socio-economic groups. A Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System Model has been considered for estimation. To observe the impact on budget share, the set of predictors has been extended by using various household characteristics. A chronology in demand pattern has been observed according to the economic hierarchy. The necessary foods of the rich are found as the luxury one to the...

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Operational Excellence through Process Improvement at a Public University

Operational excellence (OE) is not something new to the manufacturing and services; including private higher education institutions locally and abroad especially in the US, UK, Canada and the Scandinavian countries. However, for the public universities in Malaysia, it is something of a novelty. As the largest public university in Malaysia with more than 160,000 students, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) has taken the initiative to spearhead the operational excellence in the country’s higher education....

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Reforms in Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Its Effects on Firm Performance in Bangladesh

This study aims to explore the effects of reform in internal corporate governance mechanisms issued by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission in 2012 (specially changes made in appointments of independent directors to the board) on firm performance for a sample of 45 non-financial listed firms on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) during 2010-2015, splitting into two periods (pre-reform periods: 2010-2012; and post-reform periods: 2013-2015). This study is highly concerned to control for any possible...

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Unethical Business Practices in Nigeria: Causes, Consequences and Control

This study examines the causes, consequences and control strategies of unethical business practices in Nigeria. The main objective is to investigate unethical business practices and its implications on the Nigerian society. The study employed both primary and secondary sources of data which were analysed using descriptive statistics, regression analysis and t-test to analyse the formulated hypotheses in line with the objectives of the study. A sample of 1,124 respondents representing 94% of the population...

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Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness and Economic Growth: The Case of Bangladesh

In a developing country like Bangladesh, FDI is considered to hold a significant value in the overall development process and industrial growth. Most firms which are financed through FDI export a significant proportion of their output, which leads to increase in net exports. Inflation affects the yield or return on capital on investment which, in turn, effects foreign investment. Hence macroeconomic stability in the form of inflation levels has direct effects on FDI and growth. However, the influence...

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