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How Bank CEO Compensation Changes in a Crisis

This study examines U.S. bank compensation practices under distressed conditions as the recent crisis by analyzing publicly traded banks from 2003 to 2009. The findings demonstrate increased reliance on non-incentive pay due to the adverse effects of the crisis on incentive pay. Specifically, the results show real growth in CEO base salary despite the crisis. However, only small banks paid significantly higher base salary to offset the loss in cash bonus caused by deteriorating corporate performances...

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Solid Waste Management System in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Urban Solid Waste Management Is Considered As One Of The Most Immediate And Serious Environmental Problems Confronting Municipal Authorities In Developing Asian Countries. Although Municipal Authorities Acknowledge The Importance Of Adequate Solid Waste Collection And Disposal As Well As Resource Recovery And Recycling, It Is Mostly Beyond Their Resource To Deal Effectively With The Growing Amount Of Solid Waste Generated By The Expanding Cities. Bangladesh Is A Developing And Densely Populated Country....

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Voice Controlled Home Appliances: The use of Android Phone

Home automation is one of the major growing industries that can change the way people live. Some of these home automation systems target those seeking luxury and sophisticated home automation platforms; others target those with special needs like the elderly and the disabled. Typical wireless home automation system allows one to control house hold appliances from a centralized control unit which is wireless. These appliances usually have to be specially designed to be compatible with each other and...

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Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming for Project Management Decision under Uncertain Environment with AHP Based Weighted Average Method

Smooth implementation and controlling conflicting goals of a project with the usage of all related resources through organization is inherently a complex task to management. At the same time deterministic models are never efficient in practical project management (PM) decision problems because the related parameters are frequently fuzzy in nature. The project execution time is a major concern to the involved stakeholders (client, contractors and consultants). For optimization of total project cost...

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Implementation of an Intelligent Traffic Control System: The use of FPGA and Verilog HDL

The Intelligent Traffic Control system proposed in this paper goes for diminishing holding up times of the vehicles at traffic signals and providing easy and fast pathways for emergency vehicles such as ambulance. The proposed system is developed on FPGA DE1-SoC Board using Verilog HDL and implementing IR and RFID sensors. From the results of the simulation we have found that the system responses almost instantly to traffic density and switches the traffic lights according to the sensor readings....

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Cost Effective Decisions on Service Rate at a Customer Care Centre with Multi-Server Queuing Model

In this study the queuing characteristics of Teletalk Customer Care Centre, Rajshahi is observed and analyzed with a multi-server queuing model. The waiting and service costs are also analyzed to determine the optimal service rate and the service rate is utilized to measure the number of servers (Customer Care Officer). TORA optimization software is utilized to identify and analyze the results. Other important performance characteristics (average waiting time of the customer in the system, average...

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CFD Analysis of Forced Convection over Radial Heat Sink

The Electronics industry is continually striving to achieve improved performance and smaller scales. Both of the targets result in increased heat flux densities within the electronic devices. Mainly the portable devices which are the market driving forces, severely faces this problem of increased heat flux densities. This phenomenon ispushing the researchers forth to implement new methodologies to provide thermal management within such devices. This work addresses the potential of low profile integrated...

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Biogas from Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Cow Dung Using Kaolin as an Additive

Bio-gas is produced due to bio-degradation of organic materials under anaerobic condition which means oxygen free environment. This research work was conducted to find out the production ability of bio-gas from mesophilic anaerobic digestion of cow dung (CD) using kaolin as an additive. Five laboratory scale digesters were constructed to digest cow dung. Each of the digesters had a capacity of 1 liter and made of glass conical flask. In the experiment 311 gm. of cow dung and 389 gm. water was used....

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Indoor-Outdoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) levels: The Case of Dhaka Urban and Industrial Area

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are of concern both as indoor and outdoor air pollutants for their potential adverse impact on health of people who are exposed and ability to create photochemical smog under certain conditions. Although VOCs are expected to be an important environmental and health risk factor for the rapidly industrializing countries like Bangladesh but there are limited studies on the outdoor and indoor air levels of VOCs in different environments such as industrial and urban areas....

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