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Obstacles to Integrating Forensic Accounting in the Accounting Curriculum: The Case of Bahrain

The importance of forensic accounting is increasing steadily all over the world. Therefore, forensic accounting is seen as one of the most important careers in the near future, yet universities in Bahrain are still not offering separate program or course in forensic accounting. This study aims to explore educators’ opinion regarding the main obstacles to integrate forensic accounting in the accounting curriculum across universities in Bahrain. The study surveyed all accounting educators in universities...

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Financial Ratios: A Tool for Conveying Information and Decision Making

This paper aims to examine the extent of financial ratio information communicated in the annual reports of Malaysian listed companies. The sample is selected from top 100 companies on Bursa Malaysia for year 2011. The annual reports are gathered and the data are hand collected. A regression model measures the Extent Financial Ratio Disclosure (EFRD) using 10 mostly referred and cited financial ratios. Findings reveal that on average, the sample firms disclose 18.4% of selected financial ratios in...

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The Adoption of Balanced Scorecard through the Lenses of Contingency and the Diffusion Theories

The adoption and diffusion of balanced scorecard (BSC) has relatively been addressed in Western countries. Nonetheless, there is scant evidence on how BSC is received by organisations in developing countries. So, we are not sure how Non-Western countries are receiving BSC in practice and whether the adoption of BSC is facing similar challenges (as in Western countries).Furthermore, while the diffusion of innovation theory suggests the significance influence of characteristics of an innovation on...

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The Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Morocco

This research investigates the relationship between working capital management and profitability of firms using a sample of 43 non-financial firms listed at the Casablanca Stock Exchange for a period of 7 years from 2006 to 2012. The profitability measures used in this study as dependent variables are the return on assets (ROA) and the gross operating income (GOI). In addition, as independent variables, the study includes a comprehensive measure of working capital management that is the cash conversion...

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A Cross-Country Comparison of Performance of Chinese and Indian Automobile Companies

Globalisation has led to a relocation of automobile manufacturing into new regions, allowing a number of emerging markets to achieve tremendous growth in automobile production and sales during the last decade. Automakers in China and India are the main beneficiaries of this shift in global automobile industry as both countries were able to increase their market share tremendously on the back of cost leadership strategy and abundant foreign direct investment (FDI). These two countries are now the...

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Drivers of Erroneous Financial Reporting and Enforcement Delay – Evidence from Germany

Since regulatory initiatives by the EU to ascertain a consistent and faithful application of IFRS, a two-tier enforcement system has been in operation since 2005 in Germany. The mechanism consists of the private FREP and the state-funded BaFin. Both institutions investigate compliance of published financial reports of listed firms and disclose error findings as “name and shame” announcements. In regards to this system, our study investigates the determinants for erroneous financial reporting...

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Corporate Mandatory Reporting: A longitudinal Investigation of Listed Companies in Bangladesh

The aim of this study is to determine the extent and trend of mandatory reporting practices of the listed companies in Bangladesh. It also identifies the factors that influenced the mandatory reporting. The final sample consists of 123 companies with 861 firm year observations listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange, Bangladesh for the year 2004 to 2010. This study used seven self constructed checklists (items ranging from 148 to 179) based on particular year acts and laws relating to mandatory reporting....

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The Effect of Ownership Structure on Conservatism and Firm Performance: Chinese Evidence

This paper aims to examine the moderating effect of ownership structure on the effectiveness of firms’ governance (GOV) on conservatism and firm performance. Sample companies are selected from Shanghai and Shenzhen exchange stock exchanges for the period 2007 to 2010. Panel data methodology is used to examine the effect of explanatory variables on conservatism and performance. The results show that as predicted, ownership concentration negatively moderates the relationship between GOV and conservatism...

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Tax Risk and Internal Governance Mechanisms: An Empirical Analysis in Tunisian Context

This paper examines the impact of internal governance mechanisms on tax risk for a sample of Tunisian listed firms over the 2006 to 2010 period. Four hypotheses arise from the developed theoretical framework. These hypotheses stipulate that the independence of the board of directors, the separation of CEO and Chairman of the Board, the tax or accounting expertise of the audit committee and the tax or accounting expertise of internal audit function influence negatively the probability of presence...

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Selling a Company: Assessing the Minimum Demandable Price

In this paper a company owner (valuation subject) is interested in selling a company (valuation object). The seller must conduct a business valuation in order to sustain his economic interest, which is assumed to be wealth maximisation. He will only engage in the transaction if the offered price does not come below the computed company value. The purpose of our paper is to introduce an innovative way to fulfil the described valuation task by applying the so-called “state marginal price model”...

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