Information Literacy at Tertiary Level of Education

Information Literacy at Tertiary Level of Education

Author: zant worldpress

Information skills and academic IT skills are imperative to higher
education but ignored by most pre-degree preparatory General
Foundation Programmes (GFPs) in Oman. Therefore, a need of
introducing, designing and implementing such a module was identified
pertaining to the requirements and the importance of the information
skills in this Digital Era, where students rely mostly of electronic
information resources for academic researches, assignments and
acquiring knowledge. After the successful implementation of the module
at one of the most prestigious academic organisation in Oman, a post
implementation Action Research was conducted to determine the
efficacy of the module and to establish the requirement of integrating
information skills in the curriculum in order to equip students with the
necessary academic information skills to cope up with the pace and
demands of the present information age.
The main objective was to focus on the importance of information literacy
in higher education and assess the efficacy of the implemented module
through an active post implementation action research with the intention
of improving the quality of the programme delivered at institutional level
and to present the recommendations supported by the research
outcomes to Oman Academic Accreditation Authority for incorporating
the projection in their prescribed standards for GFPs in Oman. This will
be perceived and presented as an initiative towards the up gradation of
nationwide academic standards in terms of current information skills
requirements in Higher Education.
The data (N=232) was collected through a carefully devised
comprehensive questionnaire, keeping the identified research variables
in mind and was further validated trough the reliability tests. Later, the
data was carefully analysed and interpreted through suitable statistical
analysis to establish the hypothesis and plan a better future projection for
learners as well as for educators and education providers.

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