Characteristics of Community Entrepreneurs in Chiangmai, Thailand

Characteristics of Community Entrepreneurs in Chiangmai, Thailand

Author: zant worldpress

Tepsadej Sub-direct, Doisaket in Chiang Mai is the new natural attractions that can be developed as a tourist attraction. This natural resource has been conserved by community for more than 100 years and areas are mostly agricultural areas. Moreover, most of community entrepreneurs sell their own productive and products that can be found in the area. This research, then aims to discover entrepreneurs’ characteristics. Questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data through 113 entrepreneurs for this exploratory research. Mean shows that most of entrepreneurs were married women, with more than 50 years of age, as well as they were single own businesses. Furthermore, the analysis explains that most of entrepreneurs are engrossment, commitment, responsible in their jobs and highly risk takers. In addition, they were opportunism, have had their own goals set, seek for information, were well planned, follow up their jobs, control and evaluate their job, and were incredibly self-confident, However, the study demonstrated that they lack of persuasion and network which need to be improved to create their efficiencies in running businesses.

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