Urgent Call for True-Friendships: An Empirical Test for Co-Operative

Urgent Call for True-Friendships: An Empirical Test for Co-Operative

Author: zant worldpress

Aiming to identify antecedents for long-term orientation in co-operative organization, the study conducted two analyses. For the first part, the study conducted critical review among several academic works to find clear direction regarding the phenomenon. One pivotal finding from this phase would be the use of true-friendship as basis. Addressing dialectical theory of friendship, the study appointed three possible candidates: trust, commitment and loyalty. Moreover, dialectical process signaled to have strong relationship with true-friendship and long-term orientation. Putting all together, the study proposed one research model which consists of six hypotheses. The second part of the study was performing Structural Equation Modeling with LISREL to test the model empirically. Having achieved Goodness of Fit Index up to 0.977, the study confirmed that trust, commitment and loyalty do have positive relationship with the true-friendship on its accordance with long-term orientation. Lastly, the role of dialectical process had successfully identified but only in the creation of long-term orientation, thus leaving one concept for future agenda.

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