The Engineers Role in Climate Change Mitigation

The Engineers Role in Climate Change Mitigation

Author: zant worldpress

Engineers are recognized to be one of the major actors of development. As the custodian of build environment, Engineers have to be well equipped with the recent concurrent issues for exploring technology, wisdom and insight to serve the nation. Professional institutes are the platform of the technology for exchange, sharing and extension of knowledge management. Bangladesh has been recognized as the worst victim of climate change. Climate change issues should be incorporated in future infrastructural development policy which largely vested upon the engineer’s community. The issues encompass transport management, promotion of renewable energy, compact city development, and travel demand management, promotion of green space, green building, and promotion of pedestrian facilities, roof top gardening and many other issues. The study signifies that Engineers pose a strong functional relationship to facilitate the holistic system for promoting climate change induced infrastructural development, renewable energy, roof top gardening and promoting green space by imposing FAR rules properly. The study was conducted based on both primary and secondary information collection, compilation, analysis and representation. Among various concurrent issues, this paper focuses on the selected issues which is being prepared to analyze and represent the role of engineers for incorporated those issues in future development planning.

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