Solid Waste Management System in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Solid Waste Management System in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

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Urban Solid Waste Management Is Considered As One Of The Most Immediate And Serious Environmental Problems Confronting Municipal Authorities In Developing Asian Countries. Although Municipal Authorities Acknowledge The Importance Of Adequate Solid Waste Collection And Disposal As Well As Resource Recovery And Recycling, It Is Mostly Beyond Their Resource To Deal Effectively With The Growing Amount Of Solid Waste Generated By The Expanding Cities. Bangladesh Is A Developing And Densely Populated Country. The Process Of Urbanization Is Increasing Day By Day In This Country. Dhaka Is One Of The Most Heavily Occupied Cities In The World. Over Population And Enormous Consumption Lead To Large Quantities Of Waste. Waste Management Is One Of The Most Instant And Serious Problems Of Dhaka City Corporation. This Research Paper Explores The Problems And Prospects Of Solid Waste Management In Dhaka City. There Is No Single Solution To Improve Solid Waste Management System In Any City. It Must Be Based On Integrated Systems With A Combination Of Different Methods.

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