Manpower Scheduling: The Case of Bangladesh

Manpower Scheduling: The Case of Bangladesh

Author: zant worldpress

This paper considers scheduling of rest breaks in repetitive working areas. Rest break is a major concern in modern manufacturing industries due to its impact on productivity. In repetitive work, without rest break rejection rate increases. Also mental fatigue, Eye pain, musculo-skeletal disorders are common phenomenon due to this repetitive work. So, the main objective is proper scheduling of the rest break time, so that mental and physical problems are mitigated. For this, a repetitive working industry is chosen, where the impact of rest break to productivity and workers mental relief are checked. It is found that, Fragmented rest breaks give more relief than continuous break. But, in the fragmented rest period times, productions remain stop. So, a model is formulated to give proper manpower scheduling in the break times which is solved by lingo software to get minimum cost of allocating manpower.

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