Glass Ceiling for Professional Women: A Study on Bangladesh

Glass Ceiling for Professional Women: A Study on Bangladesh

Author: zant worldpress

The ‘glass ceiling’ metaphor is used to describe invisible barriers (glass) through which women see elite positions but cannot reach them (ceiling). The scenario poses as if there is not sufficient room for women at the top positions like a board member, authoritarian bodies, and top executive committees. Under such circumstances, whether the glass ceiling exists in Bangladesh, the obstacles the professional women face because of their gender, the kind of support they need, and the factors that assist them to overcome those: these were the research areas of this study. This study gained insight by interviewing high position holder female professionals from versatile and challenging sectors. The barriers found were many: stereotypical undervaluation of women, child-care challenges, social underestimation and disobedience due to professional jealousy, scarcity of family support and additional work efforts due to gender. Factors like support from family and husband, urge for a separate identity, self-determination, educational excellence was found to assist women to shatter the ceiling. The study provides interesting findings that can be rendered useful and essential.

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