Gender Implication of National BudgetEvidence from Bangladesh

Gender Implication of National BudgetEvidence from Bangladesh

Author: zant worldpress

The Gender Responsive Budget (GRB) is widely recognized as an
effective tool to study for gender inclusive development, which in turn
will create an endeavor on the improvement of socio-economic
factor, economic growth and a sustainable long-term development.
Being a developing country, Bangladesh has overcome some major
constrains in gender issues along with a spectacular progress in
female education, maternal health, female participation in the labor
force, mitigating poverty via empowering women, political and
electoral participation of women; internationally which has been
highly appreciated. The government of Bangladesh has highly
prioritized the gender budgeting policy, which is thought to be one of
the major causes behind this huge success. This study has worked
out a splendid compatibility of national budget and gender budget,
over the period and has concluded, that the government of
Bangladesh is progressively turning pro gender. Moreover, based on
the data on the category of female, primary school enrollment, life
expectancy at birth, fertility rate and labor force participation; are
examined with HDI (Human Development Index). Which suggests
improvement in the gender budget may have a major impact
onraising the value of HDI, as both are following an increasing trend.

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