Design and Fabrication of a Turbine Flow Meter

Design and Fabrication of a Turbine Flow Meter

Author: zant worldpress

In the modern age of industrialization measuring the flow of fluid in an industry is a major issue for controlling the production process. Along with the flow of fluid, temperature is also a matter of concern for quality maintenance of the product. Keeping those things in mind this project is so designed and fabricated to record the flow rate and temperature of either a liquid (such as oil or water) or a gas (such as natural gas) simultaneously and precisely. And the output is shown in a liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Here a fluid (liquid) is passed through a turbine and rotated it at a rate that is proportional to the rate of flow of the fluid. An opto-sensor will then pick up the turbine rotation and send a pulse signal to the Arduino. A temperature sensor is also used to measure the temperature of the flowing fluid. We calibrated the Sensors with great care that’s why a highly precise results of not more than 3% error were recorded and our data was measured several times. Every time this instrumental setup gave us same stable data with negligible fluctuations.

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