Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining Industry in Thailand

Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining Industry in Thailand

Author: zant worldpress

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can create value among stakeholders in both private and public sectors. In the international mining business, CSR concept plays an important role in enhancing relationships among various mining stakeholders. This paper reports on motivations and strategies of CSR by mining companies in Thailand. It argues that the CSR‟s value creation process in Thailand is complex and culturally bound. To understand motivation and types of CSR activities in the mining industry, the researchers used secondary data sources from two mining MNCs. Results show that, similar to CSR in many countries, CSR activities by mining MNCs in Thailand seem to focus on participatory actions, communitarian approach and the promotion of engagement among various stakeholders. The top CSR priorities by mining MNCs in this study include social development and economic promotions.

JEL Codes: M16 and F23

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