Chinese Tourists in Taiwan: Motivation and Satisfaction

Chinese Tourists in Taiwan: Motivation and Satisfaction

Author: zant worldpress

The research aims to examine Chinese tourists’ motivation, travel characteristics and satisfaction in Taiwan. We investigated 335 Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan during December 2011 and January 2012, and the demographic background of respondents comply with the general structure of whole Chinese outbound tourists. The results showed that main motivation are releasing tension, exploring culture and sharing travel experience. Chinese tourists were most interested in sightseeing with coastal landscape, followed by historical monument. It also found Chinese tourist were most satisfied with transportation, including driver quality, safety and comfortable service. This study found some policy implication in attracting Chinese outbound tourist for international tourism market. We suggested that the marketing policies of continue attracting, may include to emphasis the overseas Chinese culture for heterogeneous experience, to develop the shopping district around the hotel for shopping hobby and to explore various goods and diversity Chinese food under reasonable price. To shed light on Chinese outbound tourists in general, there is a need for more research on the motivation from the dimensions of heritage of Chinese culture. This study provides an understanding of different dimensions of Chinese outbound tourists for Asian economies.

Key Words: Chinese Outbound Tourist, Tourist Motivation, Tourist Satisfaction

JEL Codes: F23

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