BP Dimensions and the Advertising Industry –The Case of the UAE

BP Dimensions and the Advertising Industry –The Case of the UAE

Author: zant worldpress

Using the outcomes of two focus group discussions and responses from 280 respondents from the city of Dubai, UAE – an economy that is epicenter to the world of marketing and advertising, this study attempts to map the dimensions of Aaker’s Brand Personality (BP) to the Advertising Industry. Studies using the concept of BP have largely been of brands and products and the markets in continuum are moving towards the application of branding constructs to nontraditional subjects. This is perhaps the first study to employ the construct of the Aaker’s BP to an industry as compared to studies based on individual brands and/or products. The top of the mind words used to describe the industry include Creative, Attractive, Confident, Dynamic, Exciting, and Innovative which concur with the findings of the study regarding the key (latent) personality dimensions of the Advertising industry i.e. Excitement, Sophistication, Competency, Rigid, and Sincerity. The study uses structural equation modeling to validate the responses and the findings of the study. The final model is based on 21 measured factors distributed across 5 latent dimensions representative of the Advertising Industry.

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