Expressions of Fresh Graduates: Employee Loyalty in Malaysia

Expressions of Fresh Graduates: Employee Loyalty in Malaysia

Author: zant worldpress

This study identifies the attitude and organisational factors which are the main criteria that affect employee loyalty among fresh graduates in Malaysia. By analysing the causes of the increase of employee turnover rate, the research is able to bring out the solutions on how to solve this critical issue. Based on theoretical considerations, a model was proposed to investigate employee loyalty via turnover intention. The questionnaire was adopted from previous research which had been done by Malaysian researches. 210 questionnaires were distributed to fresh graduates via Google Docs and printed copies throughout Malaysia but only 200 copies of samples were usable. Overall, the study finds that job satisfaction has a negative relationship with turnover intention. The analyses were carried out to test the hypotheses. The results have shown that occupation level and monthly salary are not the most important factors to create job satisfaction. The regression test has illustrated that fresh graduates showed less significance on job satisfaction with the developed variables via factor analysis. However, gender was a moderating factor between job satisfaction and the variables.This paper only examines fresh graduates in Malaysia at one point of time and provides new insights into the factors which affect employee loyalty in Malaysia.

Key Words: Employee turnover intention, attitude factors, organisation factors, fresh graduates, job satisfaction.

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