Instruction for Author

Instructions for the Author: WHAT THE REVIEWERS ARE LOOKING FOR ?

Your paper must be prepared in the following order or sequence and comply to all undernoted requirements in order to make your paper acceptable to us . Such compliance is required for both conference paper and for journal.

1. The introduction

  • Contains :a. problem statement, objective or research question.
  • Motivation or reasons behind your study provided
  • Must state the significance of the study
  • A paragraph stating that your findings is different from others with a distinctive contribution to the body of knowledge is provided
  • A statement relating to how the paper is organized is provided

2. Literature Review

  • Adequate and relevant past studies (preferably after 2000) provided
  • Provided a paragraph describing how your research question or problem statement was not answered by the past studies
  • Must state the weakness of the previous studies or research
  • Hypotheses provided ( you can also provide them in methodology section)

3. Methodology:

  • Data or study period is for considerable period and recent .
  • Justification for selecting years of study is provided
  • Justification for sample size, the model used or research method is provided
  • If it previous findings, models are used, a paragraph describing how you have improved them by incremental inputs is provided.

4. Results/ Analysis

  • Results/findings are convincing and well explained
  • Analysis supports or rejects hypotheses
  • Results are new and contributes to body of knowledge

5. Conclusion

  • Originality and timeliness are shown
  • Show how you have created or advanced knowledge
  • Show the implication of your research
  • Language is OK and Limitations of the study are provided
All citation information on this page will be exported. help