Our Aim

Our Aim and Objectives

The aim of this international journal is to advance knowledge through research in the broad filed of Engineering, Science and Technology. This is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes both theoretical and experimental papers which focus on new ideas and techniques in the following areas

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

Automation and Mechatronics Engineering,

Biotechnology and Bio Engineering,

Civil, Design and Architecture Engineering

Computer Engineering,

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Energy and Environmental Engineering,

Information Technology,

Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering,

Material and Chemical Engineering,

Marine and Agriculture engineering, and

Petroleum and Mining Engineering,

System Engineering

Water Engineering and Waste Management

All other areas of Engineering, Science and Technology

The journal publishes original papers which are blind reviewed. Papers must demonstrate high technical merit which span the breadth of engineering, science and technology disciplines. Accepted papers are available as printed and online version.


The publisher, editor, associate editor are not responsible for any view or materials or research findings written or expressed by the authors of the papers published in this journal.

Copyright (c) The journal is published by the Global Institute of Science and Technology ( GIST) Australia. No part of the journal can be copies or distributed, or stored in any form without the permission of the publisher.

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