September 2019 (World Journal of Management)

September 2019 (World Journal of Management)

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Author: Allam Mawlawi, Abir El Fawal and Bassel Maaliky

The objective of this research is to investigate if innovative leaders and their characteristics in banks located in different region in Lebanon can improve employees’ performance. This research followed the quantitative deductive methodology using a Likert scale questionnaire constituted of 18questionsand the conducted sample was formed of 250 employees from 25 commercial banks in Lebanon, where 10 questionnaires were randomly distributed to employees in every bank located in different Lebanese area. This research used SPSS as a statistical tool to analyze data and results showed that 60% of the population is formed by females, 40% of the sample is aged between 31 to 37 years, 62% of the sample has a maters level. The Alpha Cronbach of this study was equal to 0.868, 68% of the conducted banking sample use leaders in banks to reach organizational goals, 30% of the sample use innovative leadership style and the multiple linear regression results showed a significant relation between 4 characteristics of innovative leaders and employees’ performance, these characteristics are use realism and emotions, accept risk and failure, use innovators and finally openness and passion. The linear regression results of this research confirm that when innovative leaders use their intuition they cannot impact their employees’ performance at work in the Lebanese banking sector.

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Author: Vittorio D'Amato and Elena Tosca

Despite the widespread recognition of its importance, very little empirical research has been conducted on values statements. Yet, confusion still exists regarding what it is and what are the characteristics of a powerful values statement. The purpose of this study is 1) to examine the most recent robust and practical researches related to values statement 2) to establish the extent to which the ‘100 Best US Companies to Work For 2017’use their website to communicate their values statement and 3) to analyse  if any correlation exists between values and industry sectors. Moreover the paper helps to identify which are the key characteristics of a powerful values statement and concludes with several propositions to guide future research.

Pages 45–56

Author: Sharmeen Akhter, Suman Prosad Saha, and Iftekhar Mahfuz

This paper investigates the relationship between participative management and job satisfaction in the private organizations of Bangladesh. Data was collected via structured questionnaire from 290 employees from several firms at different occupational level and analyzed to evaluate the strength of hypothesized relationship, if any, among the constructs, which include Manager's use of a participative management style, Participative strategic planning process and Supervisory communications as independent variables or predictors and Job satisfaction as the dependent variable. The results provide enough evidence to support the hypothesized relationship and useful information for firms in formulating strategies to enhance the participative management style for creating employees’ job satisfaction.

Pages 57–71

Author: Vittorio D'Amato, Antonio Giangreco, Massimiliano Serati, Federica Sottrici and Francesca Macchi

Despite scholars have given much attention to research on managerial behaviours, the results have not been always consistent till today, heading thus in multiple directions. Previous studies on this area have generally adopted the point of view of managers, thus partially neglecting the perspective of their employees, who are among their most important stakeholders. In the attempt to enrich this strand of literature, in this study we aim at identifying which are the managerial behaviours that bring employees to recommend their manager as someone they should work for in the future. This is done by collecting data gathered from an online survey answered by 461 Italian employees.

Total Articles- 4

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