River Ecosystem Restoration: In Perspective to Turag River

River Ecosystem Restoration: In Perspective to Turag River

Author: zant worldpress

Turag River is an important lifeline for Dhaka city flowing through
Gazipur, from north meeting Buriganga at the south. One of the
importance of its existence is waterway transportation, carrying
goods and a large number of construction materials like brick and
sand. The paper upholds serious issues behind the river pollution.
Due to the massive disposal of industrial wastes and garbage
dumping, the river is suffocating in the presence of hazardous
chemicals, dye and sewage water. On the other hand, businessmen
with the influence of political parties are encroaching the river banks
for sand trading, Brickfields, housing projects. To restore the current
condition of Turag in its natural form, resourceful techniques are
explored and analyzed. This study depicts such suitable techniques
which are implementable with less financial resources in the context
of Bangladesh. Among various methods, environmental flow
management and riparian ecosystem restoration are two unique and
widely used processes for the restoration of water quality, lost
habitats and degraded ecosystem.

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