An Overview of Domestic and International Research on Competency

An Overview of Domestic and International Research on Competency

Author: zant worldpress

As the integrated representation of an individual’s characteristics, capacities and personalities, the competence is the foundation of developing management, especially of human resource management. To get better acquainted with competence, this paper first briefly reviewed the development process and latest status of competency study then systematized and contrasted the definitions of interrelated concepts and finally comprehensively investigated the research achievements made by Chinese scholars. The authors also included the exploration of the influencing factors from both internal and external environments of competency followed by a comparison of competency model constructing methods. The main findings were that it concluded the connotation and present foreign and domestic research of competence for supervising management in enterprises in the light of competence. Generally, the authors fought the unresolved problems of competence and deliberated their development trends prospectively.

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