Instruction for the Reviewers

Instructions for the Reviewers

The contributions the reviewers are essential input for producing quality papers and books . We seek the services of both first time or experienced reviewers. Review report is essential for the authors to enhance and produce high quality paper.

Reward for the Reviewers

We reward the reviewers in terms of free access to our published materials, reduced submission fees for publishing papers in our journals or partner’s journals, 10% discount for participating in our co-sponsored international conferences and  editing our book and journals as Guest Editor or joining the editorial board of our journals.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Reviewers

A reviewer must take note of the following issues:

Compliance to deadline

Reviewers are requested to return the review report within the deadline given by us. This timeline is related to the publication schedule and before committing to review work, please consider your ongoing and future engagements.

Conflict of Interest

The manuscript is anonymously reviewed to provide comments without any bias. Please return the paper without review. Reviewers are not allowed to review a paper co-authored by them.

Relation with the Editor

Reviewers should have collegial relation with the editor. The reviewers can discuss any issue  with the editor about the acceptance of the paper.

Reviewers’ Engagement and Commitment

Reviewers are required to read the paper thoroughly (do not just skimit briefly or read partially), to check whether the paper contains

  • Originality (check with Google Scholar or other sources)
  • Timeliness and relevance
  • Consistency and flow of arguments
  • Scholarship and demonstrated evidence of robustness of research
  • New contribution
  • Correctness and excellence of language (such as grammar and quality)
Does the conclusion explain how the research has created knowledge or at least moved the body of knowledge forward?
Did the author provide limitation?
5. General Overview
Does the paper tally with the aims and objectives of the journal?
Originality is demonstrated and no part of the paper is published elsewhere. (You can check with  crossGoogle/yahoo etc.)
Flow of arguments (which is logically constructed) is present
Is the paper free from grammatical errors or complex sentences or suffer from lack of clarity
Additional Comments
All citation information on this page will be exported. help