September 2018 (Global Economy and Finance Journal)

September 2018 (Global Economy and Finance Journal)

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Author: Amonlaya Kosaiyakanont

This study examined the importance of corporate social responsibility disclosure (CSR) in an emerging capital market, Thailand, by analysing the association between the level of corporate social responsibility disclosure of Thai listed companies, a company’s image, and its stock price. Corporate social responsibility disclosure was measured by means of a disclosure index. Corporate brand valuation was used as a proxy for company image. Company stock price was measured by a company’s stock price at the end of its fiscal year. The data were collected from listed companies appearing in the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s SET100 Index in 2014-15. Multiple regression analysis was used to assess the model. The empirical results provided evidence that the level of corporate social responsibility disclosure from a company was positively related to its company image (corporate brand valuation), and also indicated a positive relationship between company image and a company’s stock price. The findings of this study suggested that the more a company disclosed corporate social responsibility information, the higher its corporate brand value. This enhanced the company’s image and reputation, which in turn attracted more investors and increased its stock price.

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Author: Zuraini Anang

This study assesses the residential customers’ preferences for water services in Johor State. The Johor Water Company (SAJH) is a privatised company that provides water from the source to the household. Choice modelling (CM) was applied as a tool for the assessment of effective demand for improved water supplies, particularly by residential customers. The findings indicate that customers are willing to pay for water service improvements. Additionally, the significant variables affecting demand are pipe bursts, (BUR), water quality (QUA), disruption (DIS) and connection (CON), as well as price (PRI). The most important factors influencing the WTP of water services are gender, age, number of persons in the household, and income. These patterns of customer behaviour are important and useful to the water company for improving their services.

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Author: Melissa Aldredge

Academics have received mixed messages for over a decade concerning if, when, and how International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will be implemented in the United States, and those uncertainties have left many accounting departments in a quandary. Currently, as the SEC continues to consider whether IFRS should be mandated for U.S. companies, collegiate accounting students are graduating with varying degrees of IFRS knowledge. This correlational research study utilized a quantitative method of inquiry to gain a better understanding of the impact potential IFRS adoption has had on accounting education from the perspective of accounting educators. A logistics regression model was used to investigate potential relationships among the study’s five independent variables (educator rank, institution size, IFRS familiarity, IFRS uncertainty, timing of U.S. IFRS adoption) and the dependent variable of interest (IFRS course coverage).Although results indicated that the overall regression model was significantly predictive (𝒳2 (11) = 21.48, p = .029)and correctly classified IFRS course coverage in 87% of the cases; an analysis of the correlations among individual constructs revealed that only one factor, IFRS familiarity, was significantly related (p=.007) to IFRS course coverage. The study makes an important contribution to the accounting literature by imparting insight into how educator characteristics and perceptions regarding U.S. IFRS convergence influence the coverage of IFRS principles in their accounting classes. In addition, by examining the degree of IFRS coverage currently in the accounting curricula as well as the factors influencing that coverage, educators can determine whether students are being adequately prepared for the global work environment and redesign the curricula accordingly.

Total Articles- 3

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