Prospects and Problems of FTTx Deployment in Bangladesh by GPON Technology

Prospects and Problems of FTTx Deployment in Bangladesh by GPON Technology

Author: zant worldpress

Data growth in the Bangladeshi telecom market has reduced the
prominence of traditional wire line broadband technologies such as
digital subscriber line and cable modem. These technologies are not
efficient enough to meet the customers’ demand for high-bandwidth
applications such as high-speed internet access, video-on-demand,
high definition TV, IPTV and online gaming. In this scenario, fibre-tothe-
home (FTTH) technology, which offers advantages like high
bandwidth capacity and the delivery of high speed, high quality and
multi-play services (data, voice and video) through a single channel,
presents a strong business opportunity for telecom operators.
Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) is a burning technology in
the world. Full Service Support, including voice (TDM), Ethernet,
ATM, leased lines, and others. Strong Operations, Administration,
Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P) capabilities offering end-toend
service management. GPON not only provides substantially
higher efficiency as a transport network, but also delivers simplicity
and superb scalability for future expansion in supporting additional
services. To deploy FTTx Network by GPON technology has some
obstacle but it has good flavor. GPON technology is cheaper than
typical Ethernet Network. Sometimes it (GPON) saves more than
seven to Eight times cost then Ethernet. Not only the developed
country but also the developing country like, India, Bangladesh,
Bhutan are using GPON technology.

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