Measuring Knowledge: Towards a Quantitative Approach

Measuring Knowledge: Towards a Quantitative Approach

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This is a conceptual and theoretical paper written with a view to constructing a
quantitative measurement model of knowledge for the organisations.
Knowledge of a firm is the total accumulated knowledge for its operational and
administrative requirements. This study attempts to find out the ways of
measuring knowledge quantitatively in the organisations. This paper is mainly
based on literature on Knowledge Management (KM) and Strategic
Management with a special emphasis to Walsh and Ungson’s (1991) sixretention
bins and External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) of Maytag as
adopted by Hunger and Wheelen (2002).The exhibited approaches provide
quantitative techniques of knowledge measurement in the organisations.
Organisations may calculate their total possession of knowledge numerically.
A quantitative technique of knowledge measurement is developed which may
be explored through empirical investigations. Knowledge managers do not
have any tool box like finance managers by which they (knowledge managers)
may identify the availability of knowledge and quantify those knowledge
resources in their organisations. The quantitative approach to knowledge
measurement is not addressed in the existing Knowledge Management (KM)
literature. This paper advances the knowledge management process by
prefixing a new element of ‘knowledge measurement’ to it (knowledge
management process) and also exhibits the quantitative techniques to
measurement knowledge in the organisation.

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